In My Room

hi im the coolest person ever if youre in my friends list youre my admirer and thats everyone cool in sandbox because everyone in sandbox is on my friendslist except the jerks who declined my friend request

when i say i am mafia i always am Me communicating while mad from Cthulhu. Most awesome game EVER. Best village win, kay. First mason win. Town sided cult. Mistletoe Angel WIN. Best maf win ever. I admitted to be maf several times. Still won. Day 33. Duel Village Win. Honest Maf Win. Badass clockmaker win.


almost 10 years
omg i love u but what happen to zoro like is he dead or
idk do u want him back
almost 10 years
Hello Friend :3
hi how r u
deletedabout 10 years
WHO DIS (´・o・)
ur mum huehuehue
about 10 years
about 10 years
ur avatar is hot