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Haha, who thought I'd make it this far, Lemon? =)

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To the people who matter the most: Ballsy and arials92

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Hello! I am user #419623 "Golbolco", the owner of Golbox, home of the Golburger, proprietor of the Golbultima franchise of setups, arbiter of all things Golbamania, and creator of over 100 roles (including king, usurper, snowman, cutler, librarian and rival!)

Golbolco: A Summary by Arianna:

"golb!! so at first i thought u were just some huge troll n like rlly rude actually but after a while i've gotten to spend more time w/ n around u n i've rlly grown to like u n b a fan i think u have an admirable attitude bc u are more mature n rational in situations than most ppl i've come across here n u have good thoughts n ideas n are rlly patient w/ ppl =)"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you downvote everything? I downvote net upvotes and upvote net downvotes. It's to keep the universe in balance.

Are you real? Contrary to popular belief, yes.

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People Golbamania has run wild upon

  • Sishen- Crime: Abusive moderating and being too sloppy to even cover it up properly; Verdict: Public shaming and demodding - UPDATE: Crime: Harassing underage girls and then trying to turn it around on SirAmelio when chatbanned for it; Verdict: Public shaming on the lobby wall
  • Jimbei- Crime: Lying and manipulating other users to become Sandbox owner; Verdict: Public shaming and forced owner transfer to Golbolco
  • Error- Crime: Toxic actions, mod abusing, harming the community; Verdict: - UPDATE: He's dead, Jim.
  • Merlot- Crime and Verdict:

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"This year has been rife with turmoil, tragedy, and irretrievable loss. I urge you all to find help where it's available and to never hesitate to consult an admin, moderator, or better yet, a qualified professional for assistance. This is a community. We love, we hate, we bicker, we troll. This doesn't necessarily change the dynamic of our EM family. I have my heart and soul invested in you folks. All I ask is that you take the steps to look out for yourselves and your loved ones. Be well. Be safe. Happy Holidays." -Error, to the community

"You're a stupid squawking Neanderthal, probably because you are a sandbox player. ¯(ツ)/¯" -Sonseray, to Bebop

"make ur quote 'wow golbolco, your a-reel peas of shit'-Aquity" -Equity

"thought you were a female until you opened you're jaws. now I confirm you're something else, entirely. you should be silenced forever; simply erased... you're vile & repugnant with a desperate undertone of "needing to prove"; you're also 30 years of age and regress to childlike tendencies with each passing second of your insignificant long will you continue this pathetic charade? and how i pity anything else you spawn." -jay23, to Wubat

"We shouldn't have a mod that's incompatible with and has nothing but contempt for the community they're supposed to be serving." -Christopherzilla

"The ignorance of this community... I bet all of you would play epicmafia over roblox..." -tigermom


"And this time, I'm not gonna get caught. I've returned to EpicMafia after about... mm, I don't know... a YEAR? But this time, I will be king of EpicMafia! And I got my crew with me, and guess what? You're not gonna be able to do anything! 'Cuz I got like 50 alt accounts ready, and like... come on, troll me bro! ‘Cuz I’m all ready for this, you know? And like… - you know what? You guys won’t be able to figure me out this time, ‘cuz I got this new plan: I’m gonna be king of EpicMafia! All the times in the past I’ve failed, but NOT this time. This time I’ll succeed. The first one who ever hacked EpicMafia; that was me. The first person who ever truly cheated to the extent of making the forums a million times; that was me. And the one who’s gonna take over EpicMafia? It’s gonna be me. So I’ll see you guys in the leaderboard. Later." -AdamTheGambler, to Lucidrains

"there are no bad roles just bad players" -bdog1321

"YOU'RE A BIGGER JOKE THAN ME." -WildWalrus, to Slowbro

"I guess your IQ pales in comparison to my 150." -Moomo, to bdog1321

"When Golbamania comes… You’ll hear no banned users roar… No weebs annoying with their anime… No noavis growing in the meadows… No memes on the sandbox wall… The mods will fall where they rule… The SJWs will rot and wither… No trolls annoying in the forums and no hackers spamming games… Not even the EMJack script will warm you in your games. You shall hear only the golbamaniacs whistle… And then you will know. Golbamania has come." -SirAmelio

"kick golboco all he does is sui out when caught and not play the game" -ruiyang

"golbolco is better than me at everything" -Christopherzilla

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My threads Star Wars Facts Daily Drama Report How to make a Golburger Sandbox Pranks R E L E A S E Hoob Golbamaniacs

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I hope you have enjoyed your stroll though my profile as much as I enjoyed writing it all up. Feel free to go through my answered questions (feel free ask me anything anytime!), read through the comments or check out some of my roles. Thanks!


about 5 years
How do I make a custom role?
I sent you a PM, check your inbox please!
over 5 years
Do you have 2 discords?
over 5 years
Do you have a discord?
I'll PM you.
deletedalmost 6 years
I have informed the golbamaniacs to this post and you will be sorry.
almost 6 years
long egg
Wide milk.


4 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 20He's Batman
3 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 30Oxyclean
over 5 years
does it have to do with a mirror
over 5 years
It's me, Peter Parker. Your friendly neighborhood... you know. I've come a long way from being the boy who was bit by a spider. Back then, nothing seemed to go right for me. Now... - Wow, look, it's Spider-Man! people really like me. Hey, stick around! It's gonna start again in a couple minutes. - Yeah... - That's OK. The city is safe and sound. Guess I've had something to do with that. My uncle Ben would be proud. I still go to school, top of my class. Now, the Hamiltonian shows us that the energy levels are perturbed by the electric field. From the form of this matrix, we can see...? Miss Stacey? - That only the m=0 quantum states are affected. Correct! Good work, Miss Stacey. Parker. You got something to add? No, sir. And I'm in love with the girl of my dreams. Hi. Um, Miss Watson left a ticket for me? Peter Parker. Excuse me. Sorry. Thank you. It's my girlfriend! Harry! I need to talk to you. Explain things. Tell it to my father. Raise him from the dead. I'm your friend, Harry. I c
over 5 years
comment on my profile again and i will call the cops again, i will not hesitate
over 5 years
i love you golbolco!!!!! #golbamania
over 5 years
Tartaria is a hoax!
over 5 years
there is no war in ba sing se...
over 5 years
It is now
over 5 years
lol look look my avi is on the head of a pug lol!!!! Hehesgeheh
over 5 years
you have done an amazing job with all the new roles you've created and how you make sure they work
over 5 years
you're welcome! :)
over 5 years
*i set the plate down on the counter and squat down, as i am wearing track sweats and sunglasses* oh yeah? you seem pretty chunkie to me bud. lole wanna put these shrimp on the barbie?
over 5 years
Happy Holidays! *i enter the room with a plate of freshly caught shrimp*
over 5 years
Happy Holidays!
over 5 years
Happy Holidays!
over 5 years
hey Golbolco
over 5 years
I'm glad i'm friends with this person.
over 5 years
stinky bich lol
over 5 years
It's all up to us now, whoever's left
over 5 years
karma #90 for immortalising sandbox in a book of lore
over 5 years
I'm willing to help out