What are you gonna do when Golbamania runs wild on you?


To be the Force of Nature that pulls Sandbox's greatest wrongdoers into chaos when they lie, abuse or otherwise manipulate the community.

Official Sandbox forum thread: https://epicmafia.com/topic/78634

Families in Association with Golbamania:

Allied Families


  • SnowyB- Founder and first Captain of the #Bootysquad; never joined the Golbamaniacs but was a member of the rings that preceded it. https://pastebin.com/WihDxMR0
  • ChaoticDoom- Sinister siscon with a heart of gold and a hatred for all things Ezra Bridger. Off in the ether writing Star Wars fanfiction as far as I'm aware.
  • butterpototo- :0 Hilarious emo weeb from Sandbox Destiny with a great sense of humor. Hopefully she'll return one day. 0:
  • Moomo- Ezequil, Ploshy, Littlefoot, Moomo, Granted; best profile in the world, troll with a heart of gold, and Golbamaniac martyr.
  • Izzy- jewlf,
  • Ballsy- One of the original Templars. May he live on in our hearts.
  • Arials92- See above.
deletedover 6 years
weebs lol
almost 7 years
One day, all humans stood at golbolco blinking her eyes at the same exact time. They realized golbolco is a verse in reverse, a re-verse. Golbolco woke up and turned universe around
Now golbolco gets to the top going down the mountain, Earth does not spin anymore, Golbolco spins the earth
In wars kisses are given, They no longer fight Today, the chickens mugen
And cows cackle, Earthworms and fish fish the hooks, It flies by the sea
and sailors are sailing in the sky, Flowers grow on the sand, Rain falls in the desert, Dreams are real now because everyone is daydreaming,
And that dream is sure, and so that's how it reproduces, And innocence at last does not hide from the lights,
The scarcity of food becomes delicious
Because everyone has their belly full of butterflies
The galaxies reveals hidden secrets-
And on Earth it seems that life begins
almost 7 years
id ask to join but. jamal
almost 7 years
Add to cemetary pls. https://pastebin.com/WihDxMR0
deletedover 7 years
Hello, Golbamaniacs! Unfortunately, I must decline your offer to become a Family in Association, as we are solely affiliated with the Holy Church of Jamal. However, we have nothing but respect and love for your family and hope to keep in close communication!
deletedover 7 years
That's crazy
deletedover 7 years
i am quite the fan of golb
over 7 years
i am one with the golb
almost 8 years
family funkhouse hereby declares its alliance with the golbamaniacs
deletedalmost 8 years
deletedalmost 8 years
REAL picture of Fred:

(Credit to Tashie's werewolf picture)
almost 8 years
The Cult is pleased to have this alliance with yours. We will not turn you out of courtesy.
almost 8 years
The cult would like to offer your fam an allaince for we beleive in spreading the desease that is the cult into you network
almost 8 years
Tbh if you promise to bring back :bird: and the rainbow frog (:gorf: right?) then I see no problem as to why I cant support the Golbox movement
deletedalmost 8 years
We accept ;) :3
almost 8 years
it'll be years before you can face the shield gang
almost 8 years
Laugh at their failures.
deletedalmost 8 years
Incoming in...

All hail the glorious QWEEN GOLBOLCO!
deletedalmost 8 years
i will always stand with the golbamaniacs <3
almost 8 years
What are we gonna do when we run Golbamania wild upon the world?