I have a Spirit Indestructible
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I sell my account for $2000 on paypal

Bronze Trophy (April 2015)

Silver Trophy (June 2015)

#1 Best Achiever (Overall)

#1 Best Achiever (Different achievements)

#1 Highest Competitive Score

#3 Highest Training Score

#1 Highest Score (21/06/2014)

#1 Highest Elo Rank Overall (03/06/2015)

#1 Highest Elo Rank Main Lobby

#1 Wins as a blue

#1 Wins as a nilla



anonymousalmost 6 years
how does it feel to get fearkilled 24/7
I am fearlynched and that's even worse
over 6 years
Hello you big French Frenchperson
Hey what's up?
over 7 years
hey i heard you are into asians skype me man
Where are you?
anonymousover 7 years
are you from sudeki?
From wut?
almost 8 years
Square tf up
Ok Shaun.


3 / 35Boozin'
1 / 30Not On My Watch!
1 / 20Elementary, Watson
about 9 years
+K'd awhile ago because you're fabulous.
about 9 years
+K ayyy
about 9 years
+K and sticker for a member of team Sirius! Also, congrats for the trophy ! ^^
about 9 years
pls im getting to it
deletedabout 9 years
"I sell my account for $2000 on paypal", frickin' right you would!
about 9 years
Ca sent bon le trophée
about 9 years
Congratulations Nova
about 9 years
about 9 years
You have gold if you don't lose any game, lol.
about 9 years
Stalking you hard.
over 9 years
You have to stop at 250,000 k so I can catch up!? :P
over 9 years
Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I now have a higher percentage in achievements than you do.
over 9 years
over 9 years
hmm no trophy = $1000 less than you are asking.
deletedalmost 10 years
Oh hi nova? You're back?!
almost 10 years
Welcome back nova.
almost 10 years
+kd family
about 10 years
too hard. i quit hahaha
about 10 years
Congrats you Frenchman. It's been two years or something but you've finally made it.
about 10 years
i told you today was the day c;