• Visits one person every night.
  • Any role that it visits will be role blocked.
  • Visiting a Driver causes them to die.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Basic Scum Hunt played 3,769 times
BAC played 2,384 times
A framed drunk driver played 1,871 times
Trust No One played 1,752 times
Gangs of Chicago played 1,738 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Setup 976796 played 384 times
Drunk Tank played 371 times
Inner City Late Night v.2 played 355 times
Drunken Reversal played 278 times

Available Achievements

Boozin' (35)
You successfully made the mafia drunk!
over 5 years
dont drink and drive
over 7 years
Apparently drunk role blocks ninja; even though it says ninja doesn't visit.
over 7 years
How tf has nobody gotten the achievement for this
deletedover 8 years
Drunk on hooker and hooker on drunk = ???????
deletedover 8 years
lol at ppl saying drunk is useless, srsly drunk is probably the most op role ever, jailer is probably next but drunk is god tier along side with driver
over 8 years
can the drunk get hooked?
almost 9 years
It kills driver!
over 9 years
what if maf decides to nk, then it's pretty the same
deletedalmost 11 years
Drunk can prevent a sole mafia from killing. This may be fine for Sandbox. But for comp setup, this is too op. If it's 1 maf and 1 drunk left in 3 way, maf is very likely to get drunked and prevented from killing at all.
over 11 years
"it should kill driver"

yes it fucking should because drunk is so useless
over 11 years
also blocks whomever he visit from being Culted.
deletedalmost 12 years
Village sided Hooker... I like it!
almost 12 years
The drunk tooltip is completely wrong by the way.

Currently it states
Visits one person every night. Any role that visits will be role blocked.

Shouldn't it say
Visits one person every night. Blocks the role of the person visited.

The former states that the drunk visits one person each night and anyone that visits will be role blocked. In practice, the drunk actually does the latter. The drunk actually visits that person and then blocks that person from fulfilling his role.
almost 12 years
it should kill driver
over 12 years
I feel like it should be updated to affect current roles if it doesn't already.
almost 13 years
The driver should die if he gets drunk.
about 13 years
so apparently drunk overrides driver? that's pretty dumb
about 13 years
He's a booze hag.
over 13 years

over 13 years
Should be renamed to "Black guy"
over 13 years
my first ever role...
how appropriate.
about 14 years
Get this guy to an AA meeting already. Blech.
about 14 years
NO!! its not overpowering. What you guys are failing to realize is that the power the drunk has can be used against them. If the mafia is clever enough they can use the drunks abilities to trick them.
deletedabout 14 years
+k this role is the bomb...Wait, no...The bomb is the bomb.
about 14 years
omg drunk <3