15 / 20Super Sleuth!
9 / 20Do No Harm
8 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 10I'm Batman.
2 / 20Lucky Kiss!

Created Setups

deletedover 8 years
good username
over 10 years
You Moon disappeared on me. Lord Shaggy we shall obey!
deletedover 11 years
If you can masterrr, please rrreport Task for being a rrrretard.
deletedover 11 years
+K to 50
over 11 years
+k'd(: return? <3
over 11 years
you died when you were Vig because I was mafia and I shot you, they culted me that same night! :) gg +
over 11 years
k for k? :c +k'd to 33
over 11 years
+k even though i don't know you cause i would like your karma to reach 4 :>
deletedover 11 years
thanks man... you played really well that game. I can't +K u though.
over 11 years
I didn't veg on purpose. I was filling out roles and totally didn't know that everyone kicked. by the time I realized it it was too late.
almost 12 years
Amazing Maf buddy, just saying! :)
almost 12 years
Actually, what happened was the other mafia hooked and killed the same guy. He was the troll, not me. It would have been auto win for us. I did nothing wrong...
almost 12 years
Really sorry about that mate. Was an auto win, didn't realize it.
almost 12 years
I'm sorry I hammered wrong but I had a reason to believe Chili was real. I didn't think anybody would've let him cc since he was the least experienced out of all of us. And you could've bubbled him for all I knew. Sorry I made a mistake. It happens.
about 12 years
+K for swag
about 12 years
i explained what happened. i didnt veg because i lost. and btw village still won. sooooo maybe if yall took votes down and didnt kick, it wouldnt have happened
but thank you baby <3
deletedover 12 years
lol I left the game as you were talking.
thanks for the +K and compliments. I appreciate it.
GG :)
almost 13 years
+K for sweet tracking.
almost 13 years
+k for that sexy game.
almost 13 years
Good job as maf :) +K <3, ~Z