NERDS ARE INVADING. WE WILL OWN YOUR WORLD. (after I figure out the 'new' EM, that is.)
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Back from Mafia after 2 years to realise all the set-ups I play are banned from ranked :( So the new idea is to troll as much as I can. Cya.

Never going back to days of Classic Mafia after I found out about Reverse Mafia cause I just can't make myself think anymore. And yeap, Vig should always shoot n1 in Reverse Mafia. "The only shots you miss are the ones you don't take" -Taskforce

And from today onwards, I'm gonna grudge kill/grudge no-mason whoever calls me an idiot or whatsoever, no matter I was or not :)

Life sucks... Both the real life and the player on EM :-)

I used to play mafia for the game.

Now, I play mafia for the people I meet here.

That doesn't mean that there ain't dumb people that pisses me off here, in fact most of them still do. But da luv for da familee > dumb people :)


>My family is the best even though we are circle jer... nerds. FOE.


about 11 years
anonymousabout 11 years
SeVenUp sis will be mad soon ????
Awhhh, don't be :( I wanna play with you soon!
about 11 years
I brought you Cookies 'n Cream <3
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh that's so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!! :D <3
anonymousabout 11 years
If XY, Then Z. Correct?
If AB, Then C. Correct?
anonymousover 11 years
I secretly need someone like you <3
I secretly hope that you find someone like me then :D <3


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
11 / 20Do No Harm
11 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
8 / 15Knight Devout
5 / 10Gotcha!

Created Setups

almost 9 years
Maybe it's for this reason it's forbiden now. Bad girl! :p
almost 9 years
How could I forget the N1 shooter? :p . Setup is not available in ranked :(
over 9 years
Dat shoot during night! :p
about 10 years
Why are you gone so far? :s
over 10 years
well we should totally play together :c
over 10 years
Dat Nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over 10 years
+K for you. Good games earlier today. Btw, Singapore is awesome, I've studied and worked there. Sambal Stingray is so tasty.
over 10 years
Boy my timing sucks lol, I'm totes sorta here
almost 11 years
u are welcome. It is when you want ;)
almost 11 years
yeah for real xD
almost 11 years
hihi ^^
almost 11 years
You can t scare me, you are my queen ^^
about 11 years
hi miss where are you?
about 11 years
i sowwie! I promise I'm here this time qq
about 11 years
I just received the vig sticker, is it enough? :p
about 11 years
Sometimes kids have good anwsers :p
about 11 years
Where is your vig gun?
about 11 years
Never! Nerdism forever <3
about 11 years
and if only it had stopped to this game ^^. Nevermind my bad luck made you loose and i m sorry
about 11 years
OMG i was so unlucky today!! Three times i check a guy three times mafia kill him