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What We Are

The Holy Church of Jamal is the most positive and uplifting community on EpicMafia. Each member supports and respects each other both on and off of the website. As we look to eradicate the toxicity that manifests itself on this site in order to spread our positivity and promote tolerance for those who need it the most. We do not tolerate bullying nor harassment and seek justice against those who harm others. This is far more than just a faith -- it is a way of life.

The Holy Church of Jamal is a sanctuary for all and a community for all.

We value tolerance, respect, positivity, and community above all else.

Recently, EpicMafia and the Sandbox lobby have been plagued with inactivity in addition to the toxicity that we have struggled with for years. The Holy Church of Jamal is a league of champions, we are the saviours and we will save this lobby and this site from decaying any further -- we will inject new life into this website.

Join me on a path to enlightenment.

How to Join

All users are welcome in the Holy Church of Jamal. You have a few options to earn your membership to the Church:

1- Join the Church itself:

◘ You may privately message me or post on this thread if there is a slot available for another member of the Church and wish to join. Ensure that you have a score of 1000+ located on your profile.

2 - Join one of the Church's colonies

◘ The colonies of the Church are listed in the description of the Church. You may click the link above and privately message the owners of the colonies if you wish to join them. Ensure that you have a score of 1000+ located on your profile.

3 - Have your family become a colony of the Church

◘ Have the owner of your family put in the family's description that the family is a colony of the Holy Church of Jamal

4 - State on your profile that you are a member of the Holy Church of Jamal

◘ Post on this thread once you have stated on your profile that you are a member of the Church and you will be added to the list of congregants

5 - Declare your membership here

◘ You may declare yourself a member of the Church by requesting membership on this thread.

6 - Privately message JamalMarley

◘ If you are unable to post here due to a lack of karma or a forum ban and still wish to join the Church, you may privately message JamalMarley with a request to join and share why you are a fit for the Church.

Members of the Holy Church of Jamal and her Colonies

  1. JamalMarley
  2. Coconutnut
  3. Notary
  4. iminthetoilet
  5. Constantinople
  6. TheWitch
  7. RaMpUrl
  8. LordFuuba
  9. lions
  10. RadDudesman
  11. LeEpicH
  12. nomchu
  13. Roddiix
  14. HolidayBlues
  15. Golbolco
  16. potatoz
  17. BigBulldog
  18. Jimbei
  19. fishswim
  20. spacechupi
  21. Ally
  22. Brianmertz
  23. UmaKompton
  24. Andry
  25. Volta
  26. YellowPear
  27. Hela
  28. HectorTheBandit
  29. Zoella
  30. VWXYZ
  31. yela
  32. LazyYami
  33. meg
  34. Megami
  36. hannah393939
  37. jingahegami
  38. calciumkid
  39. Shwartz99
  40. Ace
  41. i
  42. eris
  43. Jenny
  44. Gorness
  45. matt
  46. WilliamPhips
  47. lildickygirl666
  48. MrsClaus
  49. BenKenobi
  50. ReadyForBready
  51. ICouldBeYourBrother
  52. ICouldBeYourDad
  53. ICouldbeYourMum
  54. ICouldBeYourSister
  55. ICouldbeYourSon
  56. ICouldBeYourDaughter
  57. JM123
  58. BadUmpire
  59. Altair
  60. Bannanaxd
  61. Taki
  62. imsohappy
  63. Kyanite
  64. numberwang
  65. Kermit
  66. OverTheTop
  67. Tashie
  68. Ashe
  69. jaesti
  70. zzippy
  71. Gutfish
  72. SandboxIsDeadbox
  73. SpookyNoodle
  74. banime
  75. Hauhau
  76. SirAmelio
  77. quasimodo
  78. 4thNightFacinorous
  79. KemalOzbey
  80. USA
  81. Stenko
  82. Nakhhash
  83. bite
  84. LawdJeebus
  85. Mizzmox
  87. Squirer
  88. VeryCompetitiveCat
  89. GrannyPixel
  90. TheRealPeridot
  91. KittyBunnyBoiXXX
LeEpicHJun 12, 2020
why are you not letting me out of this thread
JamalMarleyJun 12, 2020
If you continue to spam, I will mute you.
LeEpicHJun 13, 2020
that does not answer my question.
JamalMarleyJun 13, 2020
I do not know what your question is.
LeEpicHJun 13, 2020
ok byeeeeeeeeee
JamalMarleyJun 13, 2020
ok byeeeeeeeeee
Where do you think you are going?
MeetTerryJun 15, 2020
To Jamal:

I seek help and assistance in seeking justice against the Clique.

User Flygon is a remnant of the Clique. He must be defeated for abusing his mod privileges.
JamalMarleyJun 15, 2020
To Jamal:

I seek help and assistance in seeking justice against the Clique.

User Flygon is a remnant of the Clique. He must be defeated for abusing his mod privileges.
The grand Jamal Tiberius Marley will be looking into this concern.

Moderation abuse will not be tolerated on my EpicMafia. Those who disobey will be eradicated, as the original Clique was.
LeEpicHJul 18, 2020
finally, this god awful religion can be forgotten
HuskyJiminieJul 18, 2020
Torching this thread, everyone please exit.
himaJul 18, 2020
these threads should serve as monuments to all the people who thought jamals "schtick" was cute. having everyone be able to look thru these old threads and see who was stanning jamals nonsense is punishment enough
LeEpicHJul 18, 2020
can mods lock this thread
GreatGrandmaJul 19, 2020
The users on this list support transphobia and sexual harassment
GarouJul 19, 2020
i think some of the users got thrown on here without their input so idk about all of them
AlyssaJul 19, 2020
Many accounts that posted here were added randomly yea. And entire EM families were added as "allies". The list is just boosted numbers.
michaelDec 25, 2020
I just finished watching Waco, this feels like a bad idea.


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