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Animal Crossing:

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ObitoSigmaFeb 24, 2017
List of games I may be interested in buying at some point:

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
1, 2 Switch
Snipperclips - Cut it out, together!
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Sonic Mania
Super Mario Odyssey
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Fire Emblem Warriors

LoZ Breath of the Wild, 1 2 Switch, MK8, Spla2n, and Skyrim are definitely Day 1 Purchases.
DouradaGrelhadaFeb 24, 2017
Sonic in 2K17
deletedFeb 24, 2017
I am if I had money ;-;
BebopFeb 24, 2017
nintendo are so insanely out of touch with the games industry it's pitiful.
JimbeiFeb 24, 2017!
Breath of the Wild is the only game I was really interested in, but that's coming out on the Wii-U too. As I voted on the poll I felt the Wii-U betrayed me with the astounding low titles that came out), even if I'm less interested in nintendo games now that's a depressing disparity in the games I bought on the Wii vs. games I bought for the Wii-U

Mario Odyssey is the only interesting game, but any other game just looks boring or just a rehash.
ObitoSigmaFeb 24, 2017
NintendoFeb 24, 2017
7 days I'm hyped for Breath of the Wild
BebopFeb 24, 2017
ChristopherzillaFeb 24, 2017
This topic has got me thinking. I better stay away from Sandbox until I'm finished with the new Zelda game to avoid spoilers.
JimbeiMar 2, 2017
BotW immediately hit the top few spots on many game review sites including MetaCritic

Switch is out for Australians and will be out soon for eveyone else! I hope you have fun, and remember to use spoiler tags!

Link can ride horses
ObitoSigmaMar 2, 2017!
link dies to his long lost southern brother
ObitoSigmaMar 2, 2017
deletedMar 2, 2017
I get my Switch in two and a half hours. Would have had it at the midnight launch but I couldn't secure a Neon preorder at any of the relevant stores. I'm so ridiculously excited; I was watching dumbfounded as the review embargo broke and the 10/10s rolled in, lol.

Fast RMX and Snipperclips also look fantastic, excited to give them a try.

Incidentally, the joycon signal issues seem to have been resolved, so that's reassuring.
jingahegamiMar 2, 2017
FloorMar 2, 2017!
nintendo are so insanely out of touch with the games industry it's pitiful.
I'd agree with this sort of. I wish they'd just become a game developer for other platforms but as long as they're able to peddle their gimmicks and make millions, I guess there's no reason to stop.

Change your default language, and you could access PAL and JP eshops!!
I don't know how Nintendo handles such a thing but other platforms like Steam will ban your account for doing work arounds like this. Primarily because the consumer can get different rates on products.

Game's been out for three years now...
ObitoSigmaMar 2, 2017
ChaikaMar 2, 2017
No games.
deletedMar 2, 2017!
No games.
Depends. Breath of the Wild is, by all accounts, something genuinely special; a Metacritic 98 is difficult to come by at the best of times, and even more so these days given trends in review scores. There's also the standard Nintendo franchise lineup to come. It's hardly an extensive library, launch or announced, and if money is a huge issue you would be better off sticking to a PS4 - but to say there are 'no games' is absurd. To which extent the library will grow is anyone's guess, but to many including myself the first party output alone justifies the price of admission.

Anyway, here's mine. Sorry for the picture quality:

xelaMar 4, 2017
now take a picture of your body pillow and antidepressents
JimbeiMar 5, 2017
bump for lols(Page 2!)
Are you getting the nintendo switch?

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