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Alyssa28mon 15d

With AC coming back next year, I felt it's time to drift away from the switch topic for one of my favorite IP!

Switch masterthread:

What do you want to see the most out of this new game? Or what do you want to see the least? And why is Isabelle the cutest thing in the world?

KomahinaApr 19, 2020
coco is literally the only animal crossing character who did nothing wrong. Nobody Is Allowed To Hurt Coco
KomahinaApr 19, 2020
kinoApr 19, 2020
she stole my soul through her eye voids , and also she doesn't replace the toilet paper when she uses the last of it
kaworuApr 19, 2020
i already got dibs on coco guys
kinoApr 19, 2020
also she said i'm ugly and that i smell like curdled chocolate milk
kinoApr 19, 2020
she replaced my strawberry jam with grape jam and she licked all the frosting off of the dozen cupcakes i bought and was saving for later
banimeApr 19, 2020
Tom Nook is a capitalist oppressor who took me from my home and forced me onto a deserted island to work to pay off my "debt". I am forced to develop this island so that he can turn it around and make a profit. My only hope is to earn enough NookMiles to go back to my family again.
LimegreenMay 1, 2020
Manila if my favorite flavor of clam!
quasimodoMay 1, 2020
guys i have 92 billion bells to give away like this comment to be entered into the chance to win 92 billion bells and/or a private message including a picture of my fingernail
nobody cares about your giveaway
appleMay 1, 2020
i care about her givaway
yoyoyorlozerMay 2, 2020
beau calls me burrito and i think that's neat
pickelsMay 2, 2020
sea bass... more like C+
ArticMay 2, 2020
getting animal crossing in 2 weeks!! so excited
ArticMay 11, 2020
update i now have animal crossing. my friend code is SW-3476-4277-2993 lol


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