• Visits one person every night.
  • That person gets an infection that converts them to a Zombie exactly one day later.
  • Doctors can kill Zombies by visiting them.
  • Immune to Drunk, Hooker, conversions, can be killed.
  • Survivors will be infected but will not become zombies.
  • Wins if everyone is either infected or zombified.
  • All Zombies will die if they try infecting a cult member

In popular setups

Gun Run Original played 175 times
Not Fancy Pants! played 144 times
over 5 years
They can't infect Bodyguard?
over 5 years
If cult and zombies are equal in number, cult wins.
almost 7 years
Why zombies don't have chat at night? They should have chat.
about 7 years
The bit person doesn't know, doctors can protect someone from being bit but not cure them after that, shrinks can't stop it at all, and the zombies know who each other are but can't chat unlike other third-parties.
about 8 years
Also, a way to balance the zombie might be to only infect players if the player was also targeted by a killing role the same night.
about 8 years
Should show up as visiting.
about 9 years
Zombies can get masoned. Pls fix description or role.
over 9 years
I don't know if this was a glitch with the role or not, but on the last night of the game the last zombie visited a lm, but the lm did not out that they were visited by the zombified person. An this occurred earlier as well, but I'm assuming that it was the doc visit the prevented the person from being infected: https://epicmafia.com/game/3519059
over 9 years
when you become a zombie... you lose your alien prob
almost 10 years
Zombies *can* get masoned. True story. https://epicmafia.com/game/2812683
about 11 years
That is how the role was originally meant to be played. Thank you for letting me know I will update the description for the role. The reason the Zombie dies when trying to hit cult is to balance it out. That way the Mason-Cult-Zombie relationship works much like a Rock, Paper, Scissors.
over 11 years
Zombies die if they try to infect cult.
over 11 years
I agree Juher1 I agree! :D
over 11 years
reading the out-of-date comments makes my brain hurt...
over 11 years
That was suppose to be the downside to the Zombies is that when they tried to zombify a cult they are suppose to all die. I thought that Lucid didn't implement that feature though so that is odd. I would contact Lucid about that or post it on the forums if that glitch showed up.
over 11 years
we tried to zombie a cult and all zombie died???
almost 12 years
This should be modified so have an effect similar to the loudmouth. If the zombie is in a setup and visits someone at night, the next day there should be a message: Someone shouted out in the night "I've Been Bit!" that way the town can be aware of the zombies from the first day if in a closed role setup and would know if they cleared them all out. I think that would balance it a bit.
about 12 years
This role here is so underpowered.
about 12 years
That was one of the original ideas, but the programming for it would be a nightmare Lucid said.
about 12 years
when u turn into a zombie, it should show a zombiefied version of the role what u was. it would be so epic xD
about 12 years
Lucid you need to fix this role. Zombies are suppose to show up on investigation reports and both Quacks and Docs (Maybe even Nurses) are suppose to cure the infection and kill Zombies.
about 12 years
Okay, here's the thing. Trackers and watchers apparently doesnt notice zombies. In one game I played doctors docced the same guy as the zombies infected, but he still became infected. Zombies are buggy and OP </3
about 12 years
Possible glitch with this role,

I got zombied, and when I died it said I was the cop with no tailor in the game.
about 12 years
I don't understand when people complain about a role not working well with other roles! Protip: Don't put the roles together in a setup. My Night of the Living Dead setup works quite well for the Zombie role!
about 12 years
Reason # 8,457 to remove zombie/neg zombie/Zombie is OP.

They can infect grannies without being Grannykilled.