• The Judge's votes counts as two votes during the day.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Dawn of the Sheep played 297 times
Don't Lose Your.. Judge? played 221 times
It's Balanced You Just Suck played 210 times
over 9 years
>playing sandbox
>roll this role
>so mad
>day 2 lylo with tree
>they can force nl
>remember i'm judge
>my time to shine
>lynch wrong
almost 11 years
If it was about three votes, then it would be like a governor. This role sucks
almost 11 years
Needs to be at least 3 votes to be somewhat useful. Or a percentage.
over 11 years
shit role is shit
deletedover 11 years
foolish role. :D
deletedover 11 years
im gay
deletedover 11 years
what the hell this role isn't bad....you are all just dumb bitches who don't know how to win as this role.....get real
about 12 years
change the role to "Upon hammering, the person voted by the judge will be lynched if it is also currently voted by someone else." Real judge must hold the hammer to death. http://www.epicmafia.com/topic/43053
over 12 years
yay! go judge! welcome back
over 12 years
Welcome back, Judge!
over 12 years
Oh nice, it changed.
over 12 years
change the role to.
Vote counts as two during the day.
sided with the village.
Also make the mafia judge role so that it can be counter claimed if both are in the same setup. http://www.epicmafia.com/role/2684
over 12 years
How about we change the role description to this:

As long as she is alive, if a person is lynched by one vote, that person may appeal.

In an appeal, the judge decides whether or not to lynch that person.

If the judge lynches him, he dies.

If the judge does not lynch him, he lives, but if the town lynches him again, he may not appeal.

People in jail may also appeal if the jailer is about to kill him.

In this situation, if the judge does not lynch a person, he lives, but if he's thrown back into jail and the jailer tries to kill him again, he dies.

Sided with the town.

I just think the judge is a crappy role, so either use this or remove it.
over 12 years
Why not just make this a town sided Politician? A villager with a vote that counts twice. This would ofcourse lead into what everyone expects which would be mafia with the same ability.
over 12 years
-170 points... shouldn't this role be removed?
over 12 years
over 12 years
It should have a vote if it doesn't hammer and have two if it hammers, it would balance it out, politician gets two period if it votes, why can't judge have 2 IF it votes last?
over 12 years
Considering the role has been removed, perhaps this page should be too...
over 12 years
because the role is worse than villager lol.
over 12 years
why the hell is this role gone yet we can still use cthulu?
over 12 years
The best role
over 12 years
Should have modeled it after Judge Mathis, aka the best Judge.
over 12 years
over 12 years
Makes me wonder why it hasn't been removed yet.
over 12 years
increase it to two votes.