• Anyone who visits Cthulhu goes mad.
  • Mad players are unable to vote and their chat is jumbled.
  • Only the Shrink can cure madness.
  • If masons attempt to mason Cthulhu, Cthulhu will die.
  • Can only win with the cult.

In popular setups

I JUST WANT TO TROLL YOU played 1,430 times
Tricked Ya played 141 times
almost 7 years
over 7 years
>bill clinton
over 7 years
I'm still concerned why after 30months the fanart is BILL CLINTON, AND THULU IN A BIKINI...
over 7 years
If you are mafia and you killed a Cthulhu, if you get maided as you kill the Cthulhu, you will get the message that you have visited Cthulhu but you will not be insane.

Best glitch ever.
over 7 years
You will never get a "Cthulu wins!" message. Cthulu informally wins with cult but does not count as a cult. For example, if there are 7 players alive, the game will not end if there are 3 cults and 1 Cthulu. Cthulu is to Cult as a Traitor is to Mafia.
deletedabout 8 years
It's a bit stupid that you are stil mad when you're dead. This way, you can't discuss the game with the deads.
over 8 years
Cthulhu should meet with cultists.
over 8 years
Dont go and lock yourself in as a Ctulhu. You Chtulhu yourself... I know because I tried..
deletedalmost 9 years
https://epicmafia.com/game/4320479 apparently locking yourself in counts as a self visit and thulu can get thulu'd
almost 9 years
why this role can't win like killer :(
about 9 years
Needs to be updated so that capital letters become lowercase. Otherwise, people just reveal the Cthulu through that.
about 9 years
Apparently madness carries over when you're dead.
over 9 years
won with no cultists. really needs to be an alternative if no cultists cause this was just stupid.
over 9 years

In sandbox, Cult + Cthulhu won. Like a dream come true, truly amazing sight *pops bubbly*
almost 10 years
Cthulhu cant be yakked :(
almost 10 years
https://epicmafia.com/game/3063127 guiser's target visited thulu on night that he was killed, guiser couldn't vote during the day but semi-veged for not voting. :/
about 10 years
for if cthulu has no cult at the start of the setup ala random sandbox, cthulu should turn the first person each night that visits into cult at the end of the day
about 10 years
over 10 years
You should make it so Thulu wins if he make final 2 so he isn't completely screwed in game without cult
over 10 years
maybe you can make it so cthuluhu only apears with cult in 12 play random games? its litterally impossible to win otherwise
almost 11 years
How come when you visit cthulhu and get lynched, you still talk like crazy in the gy?
about 11 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/game/1822444 Cthulhu should've won with Cult but it didn't show! One of the few times Cthulhu can win and he gets screwed by the code.
deletedover 11 years
If cthulhud person speaks in capital letters then you can read what his victim is saying! but it's not in the correct order...
deletedover 11 years
Cthulu should only be in game if cult is as well.
over 11 years
He needs to be able to convert visiting roles that visit him to be cultist, because most of the time, there are no cultists in multi-setup sand-box, & he acts like a cl to ppl that he converted through visiting him.