Love being maf....I've been maf beast ever since my first day of play when I won 7/8 games as maf.

Just played a game with 5 blue, 1 cop, and 1 doc, with 2 maf. As a member of the mafia, I will forever brag that I helped win, with no maf casualties, in a game that was created specifically for a village to win.

Forever a mafia fan.

https://epicmafia.com/game/3475274 This Day, 10/12/2014 at around 3:00PM Central TZ, history was made. In sandbox, cult and cthulhu teamed up and finally won. To show you the odds, the odds of both cult and cthulhu in the same sandbox game was 1 in 306 games, or .33%. In that particular game, the odds of the cult leader not dying was 1 in 1080 (12x10x9) and 1 in 90 (10x9) that cthulhu was not lynched of those still alive, or for a combined total of 1 of 97200. Overall, the odds of the game taking place where cult and cthulhu would win was 1 in 29743200, or .00000336%. I was the cult leader, and proud of the fact that I led my followers to salvation. The koolaid was fresh and pure, as the world is now. Cthulhu is a fair and just ruler, and everyone is happy. The world could not be a better place than here, than now -self immolation-

If you do not believe me that I am maf beast, then contact courtky. She watched me win every single game of them. She will corroborate my story that I am the true Maf Beast.

I am also not the guy in my profile pic. I'm not that old...That's just some Serb that committed war crimes during the Bosnian Wars.

After 2-3 years, I still got it! https://epicmafia.com/game/5162162

over 9 years
HI JAV only on for a moment
over 9 years
Aha, don't worry about it :3
over 9 years
still a maf beast
almost 11 years
this guy's def a maf beast
over 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
over 11 years
+k for dying for prophet win. FAIL GOV
almost 12 years
aww, thanks jav :3 i would return the favor, but apparently i already have :P
almost 12 years
LOL, i miss playing with you jav! (: +k
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Have a +K!
about 12 years
some people might say that I created your account just to post that on my wall lawl, thanks dude. that was beyond flattering.
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Hey, thanks for the +K, Jav! :) I'll make sure to return the favor when I get enough points!
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+K'd for being awesome
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+k'd you to 0. dunno why you were in the negatives to begin with. anyway, accept my friend request! you're fun to play with. :)
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+K'd for the fantastic play in the game.