• Visits one person in the graveyard at night.
  • Acquires the role of the chosen player and its win condition.
  • Amnesiac cannot win the game if they do not pick a player.

In popular setups

HYPER'S AMN SETUP played 1,606 times
Guess & Check played 595 times
Suppa Magical Grey Scales played 542 times
Drunk Tank played 371 times
Fancy 3P played 154 times
Setup 9184 played 119 times
Slaughterville Multi played 113 times
over 5 years
guys because no one is dead n1 he can't choose a DEAD person to become.
almost 6 years
i've seen in different setups that amnesiac can't choose anyone n1. is it a bug?
about 7 years
>amnesiac gets yakked
>wins game even though they didn't choose a player
over 7 years
If a baker dies, can amn prevent famine by taking his role?
almost 8 years
N1 cant choose anyone, then dies D1. Autoloss.
deletedover 8 years
>amnesiac chooses another amnesiac
>loses game even though they chose a player
about 9 years
Choosing end meeting turns to blue? What the fack?
deletedalmost 10 years
If Amne is poisoned and he swaps out for a role in the GY, seems as if that negates the poison effect.
over 10 years
Mechanics test: if Amnesiac takes Angel (and probably Lyncher too), their new target will always be alive as of the night they took the role. The target can die in the same night, but will never be previously dead. The way amn-took-Lyncher interacts with the Yak target is unknown, but I'd assume they *can* be on Yak target.
almost 11 years
take yakuza as amnesiac. pretty much an autowin for mafia.
over 11 years
Mimicking an amnesiac turns both blue.
almost 12 years
Does he win with town win if he never uses his ability?
about 12 years
@Nom, neither
about 12 years
so if it dosnet change will it win with town or maf normaly?
deletedabout 12 years
Best role
over 13 years
the only and proper way to play is to decide which team you think will win, then go from there
about 14 years
I havent played as this yet. But it looks very intersting and opens up many possibilities.