I'm taking a wee break from games just now, so don't expect to see me around. I'll pop by from time to time just to see if anything's new.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm an experienced player, I play mainly in sandbox due to games being more fun, although I do dip into the other lobbies occasionally.

I will never deliberately suicide or veg in a game, ranked or unranked, sandbox or not. If I do it's probably my computer playing up, so apologies if it does happen.

If I make an alliance with you, for example as mafia and survivor, then I won't backstab, no matter whether it loses me a mass of points or not. I'll behave normally when it comes to alliances, for example if I'm fool and I can joint with the mafia that day, then I will. However I disapprove of conversion roles such as cult that make conversion agreements that allow them to joint before they have a majority, and thus will play no part in such deals.

Also yes I do sometimes neg people in unranked. I'm just cruel like that.

Ah, excellent, Survivor! If I form an alliance with you, I won't backstab you unless it's only our alliance left, in which case I'll try to let the whole alliance know how we're splitting. I will only ever form one 'last two' alliance, so if I make one I mean it!

I have a couple of saved survivor games in the list below if you wish to see my style.

Saved Games

Games which I've either enjoyed or that went well for me or just that I feel are nice to keep. Not enough room for them here, list at:

deletedover 11 years
Thought of you today... I miss you. ♥ xo.
almost 12 years
almost 12 years
Thanks Bob! I'll return it soon! :D
almost 12 years
Jut got to 2k! +K for you! :D
deletedabout 12 years
ikr ! since i suck at ranked & will never reach any HOF or anything for ranked/comp games , i figured i'd try and do the karma route into the HOF instead ! =p ♥
deletedabout 12 years
woooo ! lmaao , i can't believe its at 2000! xp. ♥
about 12 years
I was part of the first ever Main Lobby game :')
deletedabout 12 years
ily. ♥ - kandy.
about 12 years
+K for awesome host!
over 12 years
+ked for being awesome and for your closed role setups which are good for favoriting for a good version to play.
over 12 years
I have to say, beating half of the semifinalists in the EM Survivor Tourney is pretty impressive! You placed 13th overall! Impressive job,BobSmithIV ,You've been +k'd
deletedover 12 years
Awh, thanks. (:
over 12 years
Turns out I was friends with the fake you, unfriended him now xD

Anyway good job in that vivor, you were awesome!! I've +K'ed and friended you =D =D =D
deletedover 12 years
Realized just now that you couldn't have screwed me over either way in that game.
Sorry Bob =[
over 12 years
deletedover 12 years
I dealt with the person impersonating you.
over 12 years
someone is impersonating your account.
almost 13 years
I K+ you because now I am able to do it. Thank you.
about 13 years
deletedabout 13 years
feeling generous.. plus K to you!