• Visits one person every night.
  • Receives a report with the role of that person.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

The Best Reverse Mafia Setup played 46,619 times
Voltron Doesn't Like It played 26,758 times
Stalk, Disguise, And Sue played 17,225 times
Trust each other played 8,482 times
Evil mans must die played 7,061 times
Manhunt played 5,312 times
lolnoobtraitormafialose played 4,787 times
All Hail Discordia played 4,700 times
Great And Innovative played 4,325 times
Sweet Dreams played 3,926 times
about 7 years
over 7 years
Am I the only one who sees a terrorist?
over 7 years
Uploading the old stalker icon purely for archival purposes.
over 7 years
no more panties
almost 10 years
New stalker icon looks like a guy holding panties
over 11 years
what is red stalker?
over 11 years
mafia detective...nice!
over 12 years
The stalker is more efficient than the look out. Although the lookout can find out both cop and doc if they visit the same person that night, which is unlikely. The stalker always find out about exact role of a player. Too bad that this round, 27 round. The stalker has been replaced by the look out, which made the game a little more town sided.
about 13 years
over 13 years
the best maf role :D
over 13 years
Stalker is the best maf role!
over 13 years
this is so good 4/4 wins as stalker :D
deletedover 13 years
2nd fav maf role!
over 13 years
Like cop but better.
over 13 years
One of my fave maf roles actually!