• If Mastermind is in the game, mafia meetings are anonymous.
  • Wins if alive when mafia wins.
  • Mafia does not win if mastermind is alive.

In popular setups

MG – Fantasy Panties Beta played 415 times
Fancy Pants IV played 399 times
Setup 1093357 played 269 times
SEE COMMENTS played 225 times
MG – Grand Finale played 192 times
The Great Deceiver played 143 times
MG – Grand Finale Loaded played 108 times
about 6 years
If theres a framer/maf with double meeting they will know the entire maf team by either A: Small amount of people they can do the action on or B: People their unable to do a action on.
over 6 years
Does order of mafia in meeting with MM correspond to account age? Aka mafia-1 is oldest account and so on? Just a trend I've noticed, didn't know if it's real or just confirmation bias
almost 7 years
Mastermind shouldn't count for mafia number, just like traitor doesn't count.
If mafia has no advantage in killing Associate, town should have no advantage in killing Mastermind.
about 7 years
Aditionaly he dies if visited by a thief, because the thief steals his cat and trust me when you lose your cat you suicide
about 7 years
"Wins if alive when mafia wins.
Mafia does not win if mastermind is alive." So maf MUST win for a MM win, but MM MUST be dead for a maf win. I know this isn't the case, but this implies that MM can only win if MM is dead.
about 7 years
"Wins if alive when mafia wins"
"Mafia does not win if mastermind is alive"

these two statements contradict each other
over 7 years
I think what should happen is everyone is anonymous except for the mastermind, however the mafia cannot choose to kill the mastermind at night. That'd probably be really overpowered but it'd be cool.
over 8 years
Their is a loophole to find out your partners, if you have a second action, depending on the meeting's interactions with mafia, you can use it to find out your partners by seeing who is not on the meeting or if your lawyer who's on it. Also this doesn't work for finding out who mastermind is.
almost 10 years
He's holding puppet strings, Hella.
almost 10 years
Is he throttling the cat in Blave's icon?
about 10 years
i know this is not the right place, but i did'nt find any other place to say this.
what i wanted to say is that custom mafia roles are not able to be red mafia in multiple mafia setup.
about 10 years
Mastermind needs to be able to have a chat with both red and black mafia, and win if either red or black mafia wins. It's what a mastermind does. He's the mastermind for all mafia. In this setup; the two separate mafia should work together to bring down the mastermind. The mastermind hears their conversation so that's why they're spies; so they can secretly contact each other.
over 10 years
Mastermind can joint with mafia
over 11 years
almost 12 years
Hate this
almost 12 years
Oddly, I just failed to win as the Mastermind in a game in which the Mafia won.
over 12 years
still glitched, what gives?
over 12 years
Terrible role just remove it.
over 12 years
who smokes with their cat?
over 12 years
If the mafia's win condition, having a number equal to the rest of the town, is met, and the MM is alive, the MM win, and the mafia does not.
over 12 years
I fail to comprehend: "Mastermind wins if MAFIA WINS and is still ALIVE. Mafia does not win if mastermind is alive." How can the former become true if mafia cannot if when mastermind is living?
over 12 years
mafia meetings should stop being anon if the MM dies.
over 12 years
I agree with making it so mastermind gets 10 points if mafia wins. Please add it lucid.
over 12 years
He does not have 2 votes in the meeting anymore because Lucid changed it to 1 vote.
Edit the role information.
over 12 years
IMO the mastermind should get a minor victory with the mafia if he is killed and they win. otherwise there's nothing stopping him from outing the maf when he is getting lynched (except sportsmanship).