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Created role 1278. It was made, but I got no credit for it. Then it was deleted. It was called Mafia A/B (Multiple Mafias).

NinjasHaveSouls is my alt, but he won't be active for a long time.

MM game:

VL game:

"How easy it is to win when you've got a psychic mafpartner." Splinterfright

almost 10 years
over 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
deletedalmost 12 years
almost 12 years
Okay... I believe you baby. <3
almost 12 years
I was doing some crazy stuff that game. Trust me, I was trying to joint with you all along.
almost 12 years
Reread the game; from your whispers it looked like you were trying to bus me. Could've just been you bluffing though, I guess?
almost 12 years
Sorry darling, it was a must. Please don't give me the silent treatment. <333
almost 12 years
So I just reread the game that we jointed and I realised you tried to backstab me. Twice.

You broke my heart.
about 12 years
day 2 you threw up a vote in the middle of the day which i didnt understand how it's possible for you to do while also being so AFK that you're unable to talk. considering your apathy d1 it looked like you were just bored of the game. To appeal a report, go to the report page, report me, say (APPEAL) + the report link that you were given a violation for and plead your case, i will look at it again but if you could answer that it would be nice
about 12 years
You didn't speak, you threw up a vote in the middle of d2 so you wouldn't veg and left. Or at least - that's what it looked like from my point of view. Read this part of the ISP rule: " Violation may also be applied if a user causes a loss due to negligence from a lack of game-related effort.". It looked like paired from your d1 play and with your day 2, you didn't care about the game. If you think I can magically read intent, you're incorrect. I went off of what I had and that was a game being directly changed based off of your course of actions, which made me give a violation. I let people off all the time so I think it's a bit odd you're trying to imply I give violations all the time. I can keep arguing this with you, or if you would like, you could file an appeal report.
about 12 years Participate more in games, please.
about 12 years
+K for amazing joint.
over 12 years
+kd for the epic vivor we had..u are an awesome host..hope to play with u soon :)
deletedalmost 13 years
Haha. Yeah i noticed were like always on a different schedual. but okay. haha and i didnt quite understand that last part. but i think yr right xD
deletedalmost 13 years
Good! :D
deletedalmost 13 years
Ha well we should play a game soon or a cam game or something! I kinda miss you in a way, the non stalker you!! and even im confused about that. xD
about 13 years
I already had you plussed, but I don't really care about THodges anymore.
about 13 years
you are amazing!!
deletedabout 13 years
about 13 years
Psych. +k