Hi :)

over 11 years
rip ~!!
over 12 years
+k'ed you to 22 karma.
about 13 years
Plussed, we were a pretty good maf team.
about 13 years
+k for making me lol when you were fiddled :D
about 13 years
Walls of text make my eyes bleed.
about 13 years
+k for that ahsolutely amazing post in the sandbox xD
about 13 years
+Ked for being the ballsiest troll by posting your spam in the moderation thread.
deletedabout 13 years
The game is unranked
deletedabout 13 years
negged for complaining about karma.
about 13 years
+k just because
over 13 years
Plus for you for no reason! :D
deletedover 13 years
I remember you. In my first game when someone guised as me. IT WAS YOU