Chronic & Crunk

owned byD3xTr0m3th0rph4n July 27, 2013 9:01pm


REBORN: 12/8/2017 11:28pm ----------------- 7/6/19 Our leader was lost

۩ Don't talk about Chronic & Crunk, or how it got #1 again in 12 days, unless you know about the Shrooms.

۩ Don't do Chronic when Granny Takes You To Church, but do as much as you like every-time JFK dies.

۩ If you're gonna make it rain, send money to Jennifer our vogue model.

۩ Chronic actually stands for Mafia Chronicles, drugs, and the gigantic pain in the neck we are to you. Mafia is a drinking game, come get Crunk with us.

۩ Any time you are in a game with Shivv, remind him that the 5 families loves him, and that the five guys who play on the MafiaGod account all equally feel the same about him.

۩ Don't cheat. Be prepared to give a detailed reason for the actions you have committed to. Don't put up with things that are not fair. This is a family where we enjoy each other's company. This is not a mod team and families are not meant to be or reflect one either, but we do support the mods. Stand up for your liberty. Stand up for those who need it. MafiaGod has reserved the right to judge his own family members as cheaters or not cheaters, to keep them or not keep them and clear their names before the community, because MafiaGod's judgement is sovereign yet flawed at times over everyone else's in this matter. MG however will hold you to the rules.

۩ +K everyone in Chronic & Crunk. It affects the family's score. Kudo family members, just in case they actually get it. Remind them to kudo you.

۩ Men: Be polite to the ladies in Chronic; Ladies: call the Men in Chronic cute annoying names. Be creative! (Like slugger, champ, mahnkeybutr, and daddykins.)

۩ Be a great player. Rely on whatever helps you win. Be as cunning as foxes and ferocious as wolves. Do not copy & paste or AtE (too often). Hide your bubble. Think and reread before you vote. Keep the trade secrets about how you win games to yourself. Don't teach others the method to your maddness.

۩ Continue to boldly create new ideas for EpicMafia, try to best that one guy who created Carbon 14 Dawnstart.

۩ Having an avatar and a good name is ideal! (We don't support no avi policy lynch. All no avis are not new players)

۩ I prefer to add people to families who have one cool name without numbers & more than 75,000 pts, because then I know that you are a bit more dedicated. If I made exceptions you were a good enough or polite enough player.

۩ Leave the last game in the last game. A booted mod is a mod no more, welcome them back into the fold.

۩ asdfghjkl;' = Code for I am so bored with this game I am sniffing cocaine off my keyboard right now. GSABD.

۩ Support members running for mod. & mentor. Be a report troll. Mods can suck at modding. Have substantial evidence to present, hold them accountable. Remind them they have left their original calling and now betray us all on a regular basis.

۩ Fuck censorship!

Slogans & Quotes :: When the uniformed majority got informed, the informed minority said, "YOLO!"

"Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. It is more than government. It is almost the equality of family." – Don Vito

Mission Statement :: Mafia Chronicles exists to aid & abed Epic Mafia to become the best game that it can be. We do this through 1.) our swag game playing abilities, 2.) creating new ideas or supporting great ideas that help better the players, & 3.) teaching new players how to play or older players how to play better.

Chronic & Crunk Players :: SuperNova –343,776; MafiaGod –317,784; Antidote –295,977; Diabolik–276,232; betmen –266,453; payamcf –188,126; D3xTr0m3th0rph4n –174,295; JM123 –144,490; grifiest –317,710; Zach420 –235,909; quSuited –233,789; Carmen –230,328; navidivan –210,750; Eedis –174,316; Zwink –178,357; Zippyvinman –167,957; ReturnOfTheMack –126,432; godofdarkness –123,615; EsotericR –98,528; DarkB –75,972; Ditto –65,090; evilboobs –61,630; maxfischer –60,434; RedLarch88 –45,440; LiveForever –49,887; SteelixMega –36,810

Our Thing

  1. Everyone karma everyone in this family with all your accounts.
  2. Be the best of the best.
  3. Treat other members like they are family. We run deep.
  4. Keep MafiaGod's legacys alive. LONG LIVE C&C!!!

Our Leader

MafiaGod, the creator of this family, gathered all the top and most respected players on EpicMafia to create the best family EpicMafia has come to know. He created the standard of what a Epicmafia family should be, and made Chronic & Crunk the most recognized and respected family. Throughout the history of EpicMafia Chronic & Crunk has been the #1 family on the website for most of it's history and our mission is to stay the number one family to keep his legacy alive.


First family to make 5 million points. 2/9/2019 Score: 5,050,595 Karma: 2,773 Kudo: 817


First family to make 6 million points. 7/5/2020 Score: 6,109,343 Karma: 3,462 Kudo: 962