Chupacabra Role62

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  • 3rd Party Role

  • Must eat 2 animals to win. (Maybe 3)

  • Setup like Werewolf, but chooses their meal/animal at the end of the day.

  • Once during each day must guess an animal correctly. If they guess wrongly the person starts to bleed as they have been bit, but not eaten.

  • Can only eat: Butterflies, Tricksters, Monkeys, Polar Bears, Penguins, Werewolves, Zombies, Gingerbread Men, Snowmen, Cthulu, Queen Bees, and Goats or other animal roles that are added.

  • For each day Chupacabra is correct they get a night action that allows them to join a night meeting with anyone and they can taunt them in their dreams talking to the player only in gibberish, while the player can talk back normally. Meeting does nothing but talk and block. (Maybe not block.)

  • 3 animals must be in game to build the setup without blacklisting.


  • All Goats go to a Night 1 meeting where they can talk to their other goat friends in gibberish, with no reveal. This meeting does not block other roles from affecting them. Any night meeting that a Goat gets to attend, the Chupacabra meeting (including if brought back to life in a sayonce or from the dead) makes them talk in gibberish. The Invisible Man can attend their gibberish meetings. Everything they say is "Bbbbbb" so that it cannot be used to confirm who are goats the next day.

  • Only the Goats that Survive until the end of the game win.

  • No Goats win if Chupacabra wins.


  • Has a day power that can be used once per game called Pony Power.
  • Pony Power insta kills Chupacabras!
  • If they use it on the wrong person, the person becomes a Unicorn if the Pony Love dies so does the Unicorn.
  • Chupacabras can eat PonyLoves. Chupacabras can eat Unicorns. Unicorns can block Chupacabras.
  • Sided with the village.


  • An alusive role sided with the village.
  • A setup cannot be made with a Unicorn. Only PonyLoves can make Unicorns in games.
  • At the end of the day they can completely block one person once per game.
  • 10% each day chance a Unicorn disappears off the rest of the game. No votes, talking, or being able to be voted. Cannot be killed at night either when this happens.

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Lastly, let me leave you all with this ... if Lucid can recode the entire system to bring people back from the dead, and several rolls to operate it with, which isn't being used, then he can code this.
This website already includes an insane amount of spaghetti code.
If I were a chupacabra I would most likely eat...

Chupacabra the Goat eater

Let’s eat us some goats, Or Cthulhu ghouls phantoms poltergeist aliens snowman queen bees... whatev!
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