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20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20He's Batman
18 / 20Do No Harm
10 / 25Explosion!

Created Setups

about 5 years
chronic & drunk!
about 5 years
still says lmao
over 5 years
+K to 50!
over 8 years
Are you back?
over 8 years
+k for pokemon fan
almost 9 years
I'm still missing you
over 9 years
RIP in peace.
over 9 years
Hey, you are a cool guy! You didn't have to GRS that one game. I should have spammed the chat like an austistic 11 year old who watches pewdiepie, so town doesn't hammer me. Cheers :) Looking forward to more games with you
over 9 years
helo Ditto please add Goomy have been waiting for your friendship for a while now
over 9 years
oh my god you finally added me O:) u are the true BAE [also +K for being cute]
over 9 years
Have a double K+ for L33T!
almost 10 years
+K'd that
almost 10 years
Enjoy your suspension and ban. Next time play to your win condition.
almost 11 years
Good player with a good attitude. Good good good.
almost 11 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/game/1940155/review In this game you can see how I don't mishammer or how I'm often right. You were confirmed with the reports but people don't pay enough attention. The last three survivors claimed para or insane so naive and real were in the GY but Geroge had a guilty so he was real and you were maf. The prev game when I was maf, I was confirmed and I'm sure eh didn't even notice it. And once, I was confirmed from D1 (luncky as hell) but I won... People don't pay attention in Dethy.
almost 11 years
+K for being agreeable. Something not too common in Epicmafia.
almost 11 years
people dont kudo for shit these days :D
over 11 years
good maf partner