Carpe diem, mater fututor.
part of  family

^Me according to Buster.

I'd like to take a couple second to thank you. No real reason in particular, but thank you. People don't hear it enough. Every day people do selfless things and they aren't thanked. You deserve a thank you for all that you do, even if it's a small act of kindness. So thank you.

My LINE ID is blackkeys9



anonymousover 8 years
pineapples on pizza
deletedover 8 years
We can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind Cause your friends don't dance And if they don't dance Well they're no friends of mine
This song is in direct violation of the Canadian Media and Arts Agreement
anonymousover 8 years
would you please define oickles?
Delicious. Especially sour ones.
over 10 years
Thank -you- for all that you do that goes unnoticed. :)
Awww thanks :)
anonymousalmost 11 years
One of my customers is named Terry Steele.
One of my accounts is named TerrySteele.


6 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 10Scumhunter
2 / 15New Sheriff in Town
2 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
over 8 years
Welcome back!
deletedover 8 years
+k for RHCP
over 10 years
Oh, Sleeper fan? Nice, nice. I saw them live a couple months back, they're really cool in person.
almost 11 years
if by screwed up you mean amazing then yes!!
almost 11 years
do you have a skype get a skype we need to skype
deletedalmost 11 years
Pretty catchy.
deletedalmost 11 years
8:17, then my computer crashed. I just stopped trying now, it obviously isn't meant to be
deletedalmost 11 years
Stealing my video are we
almost 11 years
You need a family, man of Steel?
almost 11 years
over 11 years
Message me when you are back D:
almost 12 years
Terry,do we know each other O.o
deletedalmost 12 years
o: I totally thought you were serious about that. Haha. Ohwell. :P You're in a better family now. c:
deletedalmost 12 years
You had already said that you don't want to join it.
deletedalmost 12 years
Well, it looks like that ship has sailed, huh?
deletedalmost 12 years
No. You actually weren't.
almost 12 years
You report spammer, you! :P
almost 12 years
they have one of those "oh man this is pretty good" albums every single album and the rest of the songs just blatantly suck/sound the same. the art of breaking i thought was the only album that had a ton of great songs :p
almost 12 years
oh my gosh dude I grew up on TKF "The Art Of Breaking" was my childhood album. Although their newest albums kind of suck, lol