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   тaĸe мy love, ғor love ιѕ everlaѕтιng. and reмeмвer тнaт wнιcн once waѕ ѕpoĸen: тo love anoтнer perѕon ιѕ тo ѕee тнe ғace oғ God                                                                                                                              ........




anonymousover 9 years
what makes mods so special as to have a voting power of like 10
It's more like a curse because I can't neg anyone's posts. :( It's also useless bc posts we would -10 would just be deleted...mods are sods.
over 9 years
Your profile is lacking some more Christmas spirit
That's because Independence Day/Thanksgiving > Christmas :)
deletedover 9 years
hi carly :-)
Hi Mr. Admin fellow =3
deletedover 9 years
what sort of book would you like to write? =3
A best-selling historical fiction novel of any sort or a nonfiction book that can change people's lives :3
anonymousalmost 10 years
you're a cardinals fan? OH YAS
OH YAS to you too cuz you're probs AWESOME! ♥


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deletedalmost 8 years
I miss you each and every day ;_;
about 8 years
over 8 years
i love you carly
over 8 years
miss you!! all my love to you and chris~
over 8 years
miss you, hope all is well
over 8 years
Hey! Missing you and Steven :/
deletedabout 9 years
Hi CarlySunshine. I hope you've had an okay day.
deletedover 9 years
love u carly
deletedover 9 years
Sure do
deletedover 9 years
lol tiffany on ur profile
deletedover 9 years
hi ur cute
over 9 years
+K for being sexy
over 9 years
over 9 years
Patrick Kane
over 9 years
you're so sweet
over 9 years
+k :) :)
deletedover 9 years
i would never, but i had to let you take safety precautions, just a nephew looking out for his aunt
deletedover 9 years
if i were to be a really rude **** and clear ur bio how long would it take to do it again
deletedover 9 years
You can thank itsannajane for the avi then :)
over 9 years
Jonathan Toews