Pam is life.
in love with someone gone
part of  family

I am vengeance. I am the night. I am the goddemn betmen!

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35 / 35The True Path
30 / 30Oxyclean
30 / 30Not On My Watch!
25 / 25It was Him!
25 / 25Eye of the Beholder

Created Setups

almost 5 years
can you please love me :(
almost 5 years
this is gey
about 5 years
+k for best strategizing and mechanical innovation of anyone on the site. Claimed a fake carol as sheriff and got the mafia to confirm, hahaha!!! Truly a brilliant player and a super fun person to play with!!!
about 5 years
i wanna tunnel you <3
about 5 years
Super big fan, CATCH THE BAD GUYS +k :3
over 5 years
k+ love the avi!!
over 6 years
you're not the real batman
over 6 years
betmen where is my sticker
over 6 years
cool user
almost 7 years
+k for figuring out janned caroler
almost 7 years
nice gamethrow betmen. you should be proud of yourself.
about 7 years
"completed every achievement" i dont see you having completed the "Duct Tape Is Helpful" and "Philharmonic" achievements
over 7 years
we've not played together in a while. it's terrible.
almost 8 years
almost 8 years

reminded me of u
deletedalmost 8 years
ILYY and you're back to your old avi yay
deletedalmost 8 years
u flip blue a lot #stalkingurrecents
almost 8 years
I will keep stalking you till you acknowledge me
almost 8 years
OMG pls edd me i'm e gr8 fen
deletedalmost 8 years