• Will kill anyone who tries to convert him at night.
  • Can only kill 2 people.
  • Can only be converted into a zombie.
  • Will kill the Ninja if visited by one.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Samurai played 147 times
Not Fancy Pants! played 144 times

Available Achievements

The True Path (35)
You killed a converter during the night.
over 7 years
Should also kill people who try to kill him with knife at night.
about 8 years
Zombie do convert him, please change the description
almost 9 years
why he can die when visited by mafia? he sould kill them also
almost 10 years
Like a worse version of the granny.
about 11 years
Why only 2 kills? IT'S FUCKING SAMURAI JACK, COME ON! should be like granny
over 11 years
This role is often just used for an instantly clear role. (Like town drunk from other sites, which is just a special towny.)
over 12 years
Samurai can be converted into zombie by inflected :
almost 13 years
almost 13 years
Gotta get
Back to the past
almost 13 years
remember what this was at -1,000,000?
almost 13 years
You're all missing the point on the 'insta clear'; use it in reverse maf.
deletedalmost 13 years
there shouldn't be roles that are insta clear like this in setups where the reason for the roles (yak, cult) is to make other roles unclear. Jesus this is so lame.
almost 13 years
Because mad yakuza/cultfags
deletedalmost 13 years
Samurai is instantly clear with games with a yakuza or cultist, why is this being negbombed?
deletedalmost 13 years
Samurai is instant clear in games with yaks or cults, why is this being negbombed?
almost 13 years
Nice, it's on the official list now.
deletedalmost 13 years
Best part of this role that you ALL are missing, if all yakss have yakked, then this role is basically a clear in yak games. So in yak, and cult games, this is the clear role instead of a cop. Understand now? Like god, honestly.
almost 13 years
This page glitches for some reason. My icon turns into Baraggans when it's in second place. You have to refresh a few times to change it back.
almost 13 years
i wud have picked this.
almost 13 years
I would love to see a setup with granny, samauri, yaks, and killers. It would be full of win.
almost 13 years
How did this
I mean
I haven't checked this in like a month
deletedalmost 13 years
I think this is a great role. Sure i would have went with ninja :'( but this role is freaking awesome too. Just think, yak, mason, cult, samarai, 4 villagers. Awesome.
almost 13 years
Guys, it isn't that bad, or really bad at all. Sure, I'd probably have picked something else, but it's a decent role, so let's role with it~
almost 13 years
Everyone liked this role until Riot picked it.

Hipsters around here?
almost 13 years
Wait, didn't people get points removed if they picked a shit role? Also underpowered granny