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Beware the bunny... he is here, watching...

cloud speaks in third person, so don't be surprised.

Guise test: ask cloud to rant about his avatar. Or maybe about his eye color. Just make him rant. And remember, if it doesn't sound like a rant, cloud is guised.

cloud's bestest EM buddy evar: Liva148

other bestest buddy evur: IcyFlame

Married to: wakemeupxo

sometimes life isn't about getting laid or being successful; it's also about having a close relationship with people you resonate with. if you are suffocating from a lack of purpose in life, at the very least you can find some purpose just by being nice to each other. but the worst thing you can do is buy into the mentality that society wants you to have, because ultimately it is designed to make you unhappy. -lucidrains


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you can't go wrong with fruit -AdrenalineMime

cloud was a part of the 1 millionth game!

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deletedover 11 years
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
A lot moar for a bunny than for a human :(


10 / 10Scumhunter
8 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 10I'm Towntelling!
2 / 25Eye of the Beholder
1 / 15New Sheriff in Town
deletedover 12 years
Thanks cloud for not giving me a violation. even though the whole report was grasping at straws. :)
over 12 years
Hi Cloud :D We haven't played together in a while, which makes me sad. :C
over 12 years
When are you going to have more epic fun turntables? :D
over 12 years
hiiii <3
deletedover 12 years
over 12 years
and next time, read the ENTIRE pregame before just seeing a small little crop out of what I said, and blowing it out of proportion.
over 12 years
and it'd be a different story if those suis were from recently, then I could see why I got banned.
Yuri just joined the game maliciously looking and nitpicking at me to see how she could report me.
over 12 years
Did you really ban me from ranked games?
Those suis were from ages ago.
If I had enough to -K you, I would because of your terrible moderation.
over 12 years
You need to undo that verdict. You gave me a violation for a game in which Atikur called me a faggot 5 times on top of gay and other insults. If voting someone and and saying you think they're scum cause you feel they're making up read is harassment, then you should definitely give her one for calling me a faggot multiple times unprovoked. I don't understand the grounds in which you decide to give me a harassment violation when I only said 2/3 things to her, none of which where insults or OGI.
deletedover 12 years
no way jose
deletedover 12 years
why not I don't see it in the rules.... o.o
deletedover 12 years
haha... its all good. i guess the last comment that said sorry for flaming and WHY ME never went through.
over 12 years
...but I participated, why would I not get a warning regardless? It isn't a big deal because it's an infraction isn't going to do anything to me, but I feel like it's undeserved. IP is usually resolved for people who are actually afk at least two days without talking, I did talk in the least a minimum amount each day. Definitely on Day 2.
deletedover 12 years
im sorry, i mistaked you for a mod that gave a shit about good judgement. thats why i didnt appeal. i realise you have a lot to do and skip over reports pretty fast, i get that - but sometimes you have to read the game.
over 12 years
yo, it wasn't a strategy. I literally wasn't there because I had to facetime my girlfriend and later move upstairs, I was saying that in game. I just said that if anything it made me look townier as a result. That violation isn't deserved, especially because I did talk each day irregardless.
deletedover 12 years i hope you have the time to reconsider this, im not appealing it yet. i think it will only take a quick glance to realise that i didnt leave because i didnt like who was being voted. i was confident in a win and didnt care who we lynched, my vote was on another person because i wanted scumhunter in case the lynch was wrong. i simply needed to go soon, and gave fair warning minutes before that i wouldnt be able to finish the game if the day didnt end soon. all i wanted the remaining player who hadnt voted to do was vote. that isnt game related as it had soley to do with the fact that i had limited time remaining, and i know it was posted in the lobby before that the best thing to do in that situation is to suicide - as opposed to leaving a vote on and afking. note that i wanted either one of the two people being voted to die. i just wanted it to happen fast.
over 12 years
heres your kudo :) you humen pretending to be a bunny
over 12 years
So very cute. ^////^