I just found a ray of sunshine. <3
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There is a moment between consciousness,

A brief moment, where my mind isn’t lucid,

The Hammer drops out of carelessness,

A moment where I’m nothing but stupid.

It’s an insignificant moment,

Compared to the whole, bigger picture,

But I’ll never stop with the lament,

Wondering if perhaps I had a seizure.

Just a moment of insanity,

Destroys an image built yearly,

Just a moment of stupidity,

Destroys bonds for eternity.

I am only Peter,

My failures may surpass my victories,

I am only Peter,

I apologize for my future wrongdoings. ->



5 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20Lucky Kiss!
1 / 10I'm Batman.

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deletedover 10 years
rude. you logged in but didn't say hello. </3
deletedalmost 11 years
Where have you disappeared to? I miss you terribly. =[
over 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
deletedover 11 years
I miss you. :(
over 11 years
Returning +k <3
deletedover 11 years
+k to 90. I feel like such a terrible person as I forgot we were supposed to play together. I miss you, where have you been? =[
deletedover 11 years
Alright. I forgive you. <3 Lol. But! We do need to play once you've finished those exams. =]
deletedover 11 years
Around but not playing with Lady? What is this mockery?
deletedover 11 years
Peter! I miss you. I haven't even seen you in a game to give drop by love! :(
deletedover 11 years
over 11 years
hi =)
over 11 years
<3 <3 <3
over 11 years
heyyy! yesss, I'm back! See you around, hopefully <3
over 11 years
Haha *passes Peter some swag* ♥♥
over 11 years
i like it :P
over 11 years
lol what? you're such a dork :P
over 11 years
Where have you been all of my life?
over 11 years
Thanks. The sandbox roles were a bit confusing, and one of the other players was very rude. I used to play here a lot, but it's been about 2-3 years since I did, and things have changed a lot.
over 11 years
Peter, it was nice to see you again. If I stay again you need to totally help me out XD I seriously am a beginner again >.<
over 11 years
+k for funn!!!!!