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I'm introspective, prophetic, philosophical, and soul searching, but also can be analytical, critical and opinionated. I think deeply and clearly, have an air of mystery, can be solitary and secretive. I have an eventful, exciting life. I'm versatile and have the ability to learn easily. I'm always looking for an opportunity to achieve financial and emotional security. I understand the law of harmony and desire to balance my life with those around me. I may feel incomplete without someone to share my love, ideals, wealth. I can be very sensitive and could appear a bit shy and perceptive. I have developed intuition, patience and the ability to nurture others. And that's going on my next job application form lol.


about 11 years
don't come for me unless i send for you!
cool with me
anonymousabout 11 years
would u go gay for dom4ever
i did & love it
anonymousabout 11 years
how old are u ?
26 now
anonymousabout 11 years
Name 7 people you like on EM :3
dom4ever & my yeabitch lover is all i need


5 / 20Do No Harm
4 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20He's Batman
1 / 15Knight Devout
deletedover 9 years
I can assure you that will not be happening
deletedover 9 years
I do everything cheetagirl does so "i karmad u old friend"
deletedover 9 years
+k for you pal!!
over 9 years
i karmad u old friend
almost 11 years
+k'd gj
about 11 years
Lmao I thought I added your name. I'm sorry :/ Whaat I been on but you're never on late at night !
about 11 years
were you at!!!!!
over 11 years
Omg your hot !
over 11 years
+k for T.I
over 11 years
over 11 years
I plussed you.<3