East Los Angeles
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me passing by immigration point

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anonymousabout 10 years
you're the biggest faggot i know
anonymousover 10 years
East los angeles ? ever been shot?
yea it was super scary bro
anonymousover 10 years
refresh refresh refresh
i did
anonymousover 10 years
hoe ass bitch
ill fucking punch you bitch
over 10 years
my girlfriend. <3
My gorgeous lover <3 xoxo


8 / 20Super Sleuth!
4 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 20Do No Harm

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almost 6 years
over 8 years
who cares bout that
almost 9 years
+k :D
almost 9 years
Thanks darling! +K for you as well, I hope everything is going well for you! ♥
almost 10 years
your username is inappropriate and it offends me. please change it i'm so offended omg :(
about 10 years
thats what she said
over 10 years
i know what you did, you evil white witch.
over 10 years
Meet me in the alley with 1 million soft pretzels if you ever want to see your little brother again
deletedover 10 years
Hey Karla~ Omg it's been a while.
over 10 years
you a horse?
deletedover 10 years
Karla hmu on Facebook when you can... we need to talk :(
over 10 years
amg thanx
almost 11 years
la migra is whats up
almost 11 years
i'll get your little sister to beat your ass. you scared of her
almost 11 years
shut up karlass. you punk roach
almost 11 years
too late.
almost 11 years
it best not, pawn
almost 11 years
amateurs forget to check the box!
almost 11 years
so you think
deletedalmost 11 years
Don't worry I don't really leave the house unless we're driving back to temecula or murrieta or the store, hahaha. Lowes? I don't know much about home appliances. lol, I guess I'll try though! Yeah everything's good atm. Hope the same for you<3