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almost 6 years
Still alive??
Hey! Yes!! How are you?
anonymousalmost 6 years
How are you?????!
good! yourself?
over 11 years
How long have you been playing the violin for?
13 years or so =)
over 11 years
Why are we not friends yet, world's smallest?
We aren't? I'm very surprised by this.


3 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 10I'm Batman.
1 / 10Gotcha!
about 5 years
omg hi
about 5 years
mom hi
over 5 years
...i miss u
over 5 years
!!!! I've been doing well, it's super great hearing from you.
over 7 years
omfg i need u and dolfuns back in my life
about 8 years
over 8 years
over 8 years
herpy reminded me that i miss you mom
over 8 years
Come back, I'm lost without you.
about 9 years
+k'd! =)
about 9 years
over 9 years
when can i see you again?
almost 10 years
+k hii
almost 10 years
+k for being the same age and super cool
deletedalmost 10 years
+k, please return. Tank q
almost 10 years
+k because the violin is the best instrument. Kindly return? :)
deletedalmost 10 years
k+ for youuu
almost 10 years
I'm never content with sandbox I'll be honest. It's a decent way to pass time, but that's it.
almost 10 years
I've decided I may eventually get into competitive again. That was always fun, even if some of them can be douches.
almost 10 years
Pretty good, college has been college-y. I keep saying I'm going to come back here, but too many new faces, so I just stick to Steam, League, and the PS3 lol.