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EDIT//: April 21st, 2012

That awkward moment when you update your profile to see how long it will be before somebody realizes you were online. :o

Returning from my long "retirement." So, just so everybody has an idea of who I am-

I'm very random and I'll talk about things completely unrelated to what's going on at times. Don't hate, and don't lynch me just because I stray off topic. I'm mostly very talkative, but sometimes I just sit back and go with the flow. This will do for now, just needed something to do in my spare time.

I dedicate this statement to Veerah. <3


Previous Family

New Justice League (Oct. 15, 2010 - Nov. 29, 2011)


A Whole New Experience



I'm in college now, so I won't be on all the time. I'll try to free up an hour or so each day, but I'll definitely be on during the weekends.

Dat doc. Dat veg. Dat NK.

Epic Cop:

over 12 years
ok ok she was trying to learn. But game isn't that hard that somebody barely can't even talk. And she didn't afk, she suicided. If she had at least chose some randon option on lynch we'd have won. Then, first time to teach her is what ranked, suicide, afk and troll words mean :p I still want my heart and win back.
over 12 years
Apparently I hand't plussed you before - +k for chu!
almost 13 years
For investigating "Gaylord" and "Dildor" =)
almost 13 years
Thanks for playing a bajillion games with me last night :P even when I claimed cop EVERY game. And but times I was actually cop I lost :P
almost 13 years
plussed for the 2k points :D
deletedover 13 years
+k! Please Return!
deletedover 13 years
+k Frosty! Please Return when you can!
deletedover 13 years
+K and friended
almost 14 years
BLEACH!!! +K for being epic!!
almost 14 years
almost 14 years
You did well, the last day you were really persuading me, but what ruined it was how scummy you looked d1 :( good game +k u when i can
almost 14 years
Love ya! <3
almost 14 years
your off to a good start:)