"I FoS you for having too much fun in this game." "I FoS you for being too serious." "I FoS you for lurking."

How the hell are you suppose to act in this game without being FoS than?

>Being reasonable is scummy.

http://www.epicmafia.com/game/728191 >LOL. Luckiest game EVER.

FoS for being maf three games in a row for answering the pizza guy, not spamming the chat and throwing random Fos that would of ended up on a town cop, etc. Guess what? Was village every time.

Ask me to type out the lyrics to the song, "Narwhals"

*Note if I type "Narwhals" instead of "Narwhalz" that person isn't me. I misspell Narwhals with Narwhalz all the time.

Favorite color: Green

I usually use correct grammar and spelling.


13 / 20Super Sleuth!
4 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20Lucky Kiss!
1 / 10Governator!
about 12 years
+k and LOL that game was pretty hillarious. Too bad it wasn't ranked. ;P
deletedabout 12 years
Accepted! 1.) Right back at you; good games! 2.) For sure, I have a few things do do but I'll be on the same time plus earlier. After 8ish est
over 12 years
+k you had me completely convinced! good job! :)
over 12 years
The reason why n1 was so long was because I told him he didn't need to do anything really cause he was hooker, and he thought that meant he didn't have to vote. -___-
over 12 years
lol look at my profile, while you guys lived on the GY was humorous.
over 12 years
+k for a good game, even if I was just pretending to be fool the whole time.
deletedover 12 years
+k returned
over 12 years
+K for playing well in previous games.
over 12 years
I understand why none of you guys stood up for my idea. It's perfectly fine, if it's winning you the game lol. I was mostly letting you know so in case you weren't sure.
over 12 years
Future reference, dual cops have to investigate the same person or they don't get a report. Look at the review for our game. http://www.epicmafia.com/game/628014 - neither got a report, and he tried to say he was hooked. Bad cops were just really, really bad.
over 12 years
+k for being nice :)
over 12 years
over 12 years
Well that's really odd, I really did leak D: I'm kinda upset that was ruining my fool playing strategy XD
almost 13 years
I +k'd you btw. My comment must not have gone through due to 502. =]
almost 13 years
Nuur you said I was obviously lying.
the only thing you accused me of was not leaking my leak intentionally. Which I did.
Now please tell me if I'm wrong how otherwise I was obviously lying XD
almost 13 years
Because I like you
almost 13 years
<3 +k
almost 13 years
+K for knowing how to chat up a newbie