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So I used to play this game a few years ago with my best buddy Bleach, back when it was simpler and therefore easier for my small brain to grasp; don't let those two ranked losses fool you (just kidding, I wasn't good at this game back then either. Now I just have no bloody clue what I'm doing). I've just recently started getting back into it and am still learning all the new roles, and because my learning curve with games is generally abysmal, I'm probably going to suck. A lot.

If I accidentally screw up a game, this is me apologizing in advance. Otherwise, if that's not enough then please feel free to rant and rage at me via mail until your lovely little heart is content. Seriously, get it all out, because everyone knows that bottling up that stuff is super-duper unhealthy. I would hate to be a contributing factor to someone keeling over because they didn't hit that message button when they really needed a good venting. :(

With that said, my name/alias is Veerah (or Vee, if you'd prefer). I enjoy gaming (Pokemon, LoL, Saint's Row, MMORPGs like Shaiya, Aion, TERA, SW:TOR), writing, cosplay, and generally just being a huge, socially-inept dork, apparently. I tend to play most of my EM games the same way, by going with the flow and chatting regardless of what role I take (usually because I don'T KNOW WHAT FRICK-FRACKIN ROLE I AM).

almost 14 years
Hai! <3