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almost 11 years
do you ever miss neff :X
almost 11 years
hue hue hue
o uo
about 11 years
It seems you play League. What do you play and would you play with me?
Sure. I play any role, though my friends say I'm best at mid. What's your summoner name?
about 11 years
do you use reddit? stab linked me a dude named primeintellect on reddit the other day and he was sperging out hard about it
No, not at all, really. But some other friend of mine has linked me stuff from that guy before. He's pretty hilarious.
about 11 years
why did you choose primeintellect as a username?
Because there was a really weird scifi novel i read online that used that name for the AI.
almost 8 years
You haven't been on in almost two years? What?!
over 9 years
Primeintellect but does he have any intellect? HUEHUE GL BRAH
deletedover 9 years
i miss u. (-data/gingie/chicknoodle)
about 10 years
Prime its Houdini, you prob dont remember me but you taught me alot about this game back in 2010 and 2011. I just wanna say thanks for all that, and for being one of my few friends along with Matt.
over 10 years
I miss you ):
over 10 years
over 10 years
pls prime.
over 10 years
play dota.
almost 11 years
about 11 years
v dont play with prime; he's a noob who only botstomps
about 11 years
Summoner name is Terantiel. I've been told my best two roles are mid and adc.
about 11 years
I still love you, man
about 11 years
i got metal rammus and riot graves u jelly?
about 11 years
HEy Man, long time no see! How's it goin? +K MY WIFE WHILE you're at it! :D
about 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
about 11 years
well okay
about 11 years
Heya, palie. How you doing?
deletedover 11 years
Where art thou twin brother?