Just a city boy,

Born and raised in south Detroit,

He took the midnight train going anywhere.


3 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 10Psychoanalyze Me!
1 / 10Ultimate Sacrifice
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!

Created Setups

deletedover 7 years
don't stop believing
almost 12 years
I rated up your role and +k'ed you to 75 karma please return the karma
almost 12 years
i didn't isp that game, i lost because i townread both specs and aaron for loose reasons, and when it came down to both of them the major towntell i had on aaron started to look more fake the longer the game went. accept your loss and get over it
deletedalmost 12 years
i'll drink to that!
almost 12 years
You are a really good player, especially fun to play with if we have the same alignment, +k.
deletedalmost 12 years
No I wasn't arguing dumb or smart. We were experience vs new. Did you pay attention at all?
deletedalmost 12 years
I lold at love won't lynch me because he loves me. Also I'm a girl and negging me for winning is retarded. Also At the end when i pointed out his own logic I wasn't being a dick as you said. I was merely stating his logic made no sense or made him maf.
about 12 years
Nah man I just thought you were a massive fucking cunt and wanted to tell you how much I hated your shit more than actually play the game
deletedover 12 years
yup. :) Misseh?
almost 13 years
you're honestly fucking bad. learn to scumhunt. it'll help the red be less dominant on your pathetic pie chart
almost 13 years
Gotta hand it to you that was smart.
almost 13 years
Not like we had time since you came back when clock was down. Even the graveyard realized that we were gonna lose because of your afk, you fossed someone and then was no were to be found until it was time to kick. We both had it right, for the right reason, tiff lurked and didn't contribute shit to the game, but you made yourself scummy and thought you were untouchable and got yourself lynched good sr.
almost 13 years
I didn't get your anti snipping strategy. You left all up to me to hammer right and I hammered wrong. You were very confident in what you had in mind but not me. I had no idea what you were up to. I was open to conversation but you chose to afk as part of your technique. Sorry about the lost, we could have won that one.
deletedalmost 13 years
Forever and ever. :3
almost 13 years
Couldn't be more happy by your retarded -K, you little worthless piece of shit.
almost 13 years
+K as apologies for fucking up that easy win by being a moron
almost 13 years
I think the game broke. Was I right?
almost 13 years
lol I got puzzled because of that too :P was gonna shoot GS and maybe sacrifice myself XD
almost 13 years
deletedalmost 13 years