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anonymousover 8 years
So it says you keep logging on. I'm wondering, is it actually you? Are you there? If yes, I miss you :)
it's me! i stop by now and then. who are ya? message me and we can chat! ^_^
anonymousabout 11 years
ariana grande
my girlll
over 11 years
anonymousover 11 years
im only visiting your profile bc you have the secret mod option turned on that lets you see who visited your profile :O
:O is that a thing!?!? do explain, billstickers!
over 11 years
Hi. What.
Hi. Whut.


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over 5 years
like bewbs
over 5 years
... okay! I wanted to type a pair of eyes to suggest I looked here to see if you're here but at the end it seemed like and not a good pair. Anyway, wishing you the best, m-fruit.
almost 8 years
hey you
almost 8 years
Milo-fruit <3
almost 8 years
about 8 years
Love u
over 8 years
lai bae
over 8 years
Do I know you??
almost 9 years
mangofruit 38mon 11d
I'm crying you won't accept my friend request omg I thought we were friends :( time to delete you on Skype gg you win now we are in a fite and I'm going to ignore you and go sulk in my room and tell my friend how mean you're being D;<
almost 9 years
Yea! I can't believe we've been dating for 3 years, it was only like last year when i moved over to New York, you're truly something very special, I love you
almost 9 years
deleted 36mon 4h
are we going to be srsly married in a srs relationship on epicmafia OH EM GEEEEEEEEE

3 years???
almost 9 years
;) --> !!
deletedalmost 9 years
the times are coming to an end soon but it's pretty lax, i've been eating out at the same place for a good week now and i'm going to miss it. i didn't take you for a ny babe?
deletedalmost 9 years
yo girl how's cali
almost 9 years
wtf! you no mod anymore =(
almost 9 years
deletedabout 9 years
I was just thinking about that BB game we played and how well you did for your first time k+
deletedabout 9 years
sad emoji
deletedabout 9 years
you played bb without me??
about 9 years
back off