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"Renaldo is a troll name" -- carolineeee

BRONTO just admitted. He lost a trophy because someone else ran on A&D and won 71 points. So bronto, who couldnt win as town on A&D played some other noob setup and lost like a baby.

Bronto: " bwaaaa bwaaa bwaaaaa, i want third place, he ran on A&D, it gives more payout because it is harder to win, it is not fair. I couldnt win one extra game on the easier setup because it is easier to win and i am very bad. bwwaaa bwaaa

Third place: Ok, here, have my trophy. stop crying. Or just become mod, because you are bad at this game.

@Slow leave me alone i just want to be friends okay god i just want to do a good job, and you come in, when im just trying to have fun, and have a good time, and you come here, and you ruin my good mood, god, i was just trying to help out and confirm that it would all be okay, for my good friend bronto, but you come in, ruin my mood, ruin my day, i just wanted to have fun, i can't believe you would do this to me, when i just wanted to help, i can't believe this, and i can't believe you, and i hope you RECONSIDER your MEAN statement about me being a NERD and a KISS*** because thats not True, You're just a bully, and i hope you feel BAD

I just wanna say thanks to retti for actually trying to look at this case. It's not fair that people are being so rude to a mod that is just trying to do his job well. Honestly, bronto told me that you all were waiting for me to trophy before hitting me with the vio , which is just straight up mean. Thanks for knocking my dreams down. And caroline, I don't know what your dang problem is but i always liked you and you've just been a straight up jerk since I rejoined the site. Like seriously, I legitimately always liked you but what the heck changed?? And in terms of my play, no one wanted to actually help me fix whatever I was doing wrong, and since I stopped getting warnings I thought the changes I made were enough. If you all really cared, you'd have helped me fix it. But instead I get slapped with a vio after securing a trophy run, the morning of the LAST DAY? I'm being made an example of, and even though no one else seems to give a rat's butt, thank you Retti for standing up for me. It seriously means a lot that there are mods that still look out for the little guy.

Must you post this everywhere on the site, Katie? I'll post publicly, seeing as you crave my response so much. For someone who heard of the passing of a love one whilst playing a game of mafia, you sure were hesitant to veg when I advised you to take some time to collect your thoughts. You were more concerned about the potentiality of a game-related suicide violation than taking your thoughts with you to mourn over your loss. The way your immaturity escalated after the situation, mixed with your track record of compulsive lies, it would only seem to me that you were creating a big e-drama fiasco and trying to find pity in the hearts of internet trolls. I hope you feel enlightened by finally getting me to address you about this openly

i don't need to told i'm decent, nor do i need you to go around saying it. i know i'm decent and have plenty of games to back it up, that last one was simply a fail. at least try to have a shred of empathy. i don't give a shit if i ever play with you again, and indeed i rather wouldn't. you're a terribly neurotic sort of person that's impossible to befriend.

I beg you moderators to please pause the round and discuss this. I do agree that I got super excited last round that people were able to read me well, and please trust me when I say that I've worked hard to try to fix that. Using last round to strip me of a trophy this round is really unfair, and I don't know how this is okay that the person reporting me is also giving me the violation... I guess I really don't stand a chance here but I'm hoping that somehow I get stood up for. I love this site and I promise that I wouldn't cheat to win. That doesn't feel right, and morally I would never let myself do that. I am actually so upset right now that you all should be laughing at me because it's really lame and shows what a loser I am. But I played my heart out and want nothing more than to finally reach my dream of trophying

Why are you so toxic? Get over yourself. I have the ability to win just as anyone else. No, I'm not the best player, but when I'm good I do well. It's annoying how anytime anyone who isn't apart of your circlejerk is at the top you want to accuse them of cheating. I'm lucky I got gold. There was a point where I was supposed to get silver, then bronze, and after I went 3/5 yesterday I wasn't even sure if I would trophy. So don't even pull the "cheating" card. Realize that unlike you, I have a life outside of EM and unfairly obtaining a pixelated trophy wouldn't bring me any sense of accomplishment.

Slay. You claim you have a life outside of em? Well then what are you doing on here?? Go out and do stuff with all your loads of IRL friends. I hope they don't know how much of a jackass you are. All your loads of friends, boy, you should go out and have a trophy winning party! You can explain what you did to get there, your brutal AtE, your name calling, excessive swearing, I'm sure it will be a fun little get together.

Oh, sorry, did I say little? I must have meant big, because of ALL of your friends you have in real life. Maybe you can introduce me sometime.

Oh, one more thing. Go **** yourself.

Well this is one of my favorite games I remember the first time I played mafia I was in a summer camp and ever since I loved the game but of course people will not give the game a try just because of the name or because they think it is too complicated but we all know that is far from the truth and when I found this site I was so happy. Now I here it is going to shut down please to keep sponsoring from the ads we have to follow a few rules from what a have heard that includes less cursing which I agree with so VIVA LA MAFIA well the Epic mafia not the real mafia they can be lynched

when we were in our 30's, I remember meeting Slow at the bar and we drank manhattans on the rooftop of the hilton. he told me about his latest muse and how she danced. he described her movements with such vigor and passion, the kind of passion you can't fake. there was a certain twinkle in his eye when he spoke of her. she died later that week in a tragic hang gliding accident. the twinkle never returned, but i still remember the passion he felt for her.

alt of thebrontosaurus, just here to have a good time


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Protip: always n1 renaldo.
then metaclear yourself
over 8 years
Hey butt monkey, I see you like medicinal weed??? Word up.
thanks man
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Hey Mr. Awsome, you can make EM goodhearted, Everybodys ready to play all night all night all the nerds are ready. Best dadmin
Thank you kind stranger. You words mean a lot to me.
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hi there
hey pal
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straight groovin'


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+k to 8 :) return? ♥
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welcoml bak!
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This is my fav epicmafia account
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well i was never a man of the lord to being with...
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the bro inno
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Yeah, it's not too fancy but I mean you get decent food and from what I saw they got some pretty decent shows.
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Yeah, that's basically me in a nutshell
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Went to one yesterday, Jazz Standard. Man, it doesn't get more real than Freddy Cole.
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flex's win rate is good because he pointfarmed in custom
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I'm currently on the plane to NY
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GREAT profile page
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The amount of varieties amaze me
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you left cave just to be alone. so rude.
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YUM it was my grandfathers birthday so my grandma cooked so many homemade cuban foods and it was like heaven ^_^^^
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how's it going? had any hispanic food lately? :-)
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almost. at least i have more golds than him now