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deletedover 9 years
let's have babies ^_^
*opens up*
over 9 years
cyka blyat ya mamu yebal pizdecs
быть сытым по горло
deletedover 9 years
Nico nico nii!
when nico dies
anonymousover 9 years
whats up with the russian hype?
i love russian.
anonymousover 9 years
Thank You


3 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 10Scumhunter
1 / 20He's Batman
1 / 20Clint Eastwood
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
almost 9 years
kotori my gf
about 9 years
♥ ♥
over 9 years
um no
over 9 years
um....what do I say(!!!!...)..hellokino...
over 9 years
im sorry kino but hima and i are in LOVE
over 9 years
i have abandoned the Weeb Life
deletedover 9 years
over 9 years
kotori returns to +1 nano's life
over 9 years
Kino-chan, I never told you how I truly feel
You mean to me a great deal
Love is our connection
To you I dedicate all my affection

Kino-chan, you are unbelievably beautiful
When I am near you my heart goes like a raging bull
Words cannot express
How beautiful you are, no matter how you dress

Kino-chan, you mean so much to me
With you I really feel free
I anxiously await our time ahead
My heart is completely filled in red

I hope you can put this gift to use
To surprise you I do not need any excuse
Bye bye, my love
You are someone I am very proud of
over 9 years
das kino <3
over 9 years
i n-need kino-chan...
deletedover 9 years
Suck it to the hinges.
over 9 years
u r a beautiful angel~
deletedover 9 years
i love u
over 9 years
Yiff Me All Night This Valentines! Nya~
deletedover 9 years
you suck