John Oates epic mustache.
North Carolina
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I'm a daddy to an amazing kid, his name is Mason.. Mason > All.




Hey, Yo.

Im SnipersGonnaSnipe son of Voodoo Lady and GodfatherGonna first men of the andhals, and heir to the trident.

Don't Mimic me. I will Suicide. IDGAF.

> Top of the gun there is a scope, I close one eye, I look like a pirate, fuck it!

Rest in Peace Fallen Comrades

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> Gone, But Not Forgotten.


over 10 years
Would you rathar have your local WNBA team win the championship or have 5 dollars in your pocket?
easy question. the 5 dollars. WNBA isn't a real sport.
over 10 years
What's your current favourite town, mafia and third role? inb4sniper
Santa, Illusionist/ Terrorist and Cult.
over 10 years
SNIPE! I miss yew.
im here sometimes, busy latelyyyy :) miss you too.
over 10 years
over 10 years


1 / 20On the Trail
over 6 years
am I still riped or are you now
over 7 years
Hey I'm not RIPed.
over 7 years
Congrats to you, your wifey, and your snipersgonnasnipe, JR. !!!!
almost 8 years
+k u da best
about 8 years
Do you.. even come on anymore??
deletedover 8 years
More k' cuz u're cool
almost 9 years
i'm not fallen goddamnit i'm just lazy
almost 9 years
+k to 47 :) return? ♥
about 9 years
Plz come back the Sandboxes 2nd birthday is in just a few weeks... ♉
about 9 years
Are you ever comming back snipers?
about 9 years
Snipers where are you
about 9 years
Aw you're so cute :3
over 9 years
where is your family? I wanna join .-.
over 9 years
over 9 years
Snipeeeessss!!!!!!!!!! I miss you bae <3 :)
over 9 years
that double yak tho
over 9 years
I could never leave you amigo
over 9 years
I am still alive!
#hongkong #protest #umbrellarevolution
over 9 years
hi if you are chriszilla unban laserdogbad from sandbox and if u are not chriszilla repost this on 5 profiles or u will have a very bad nightmare 2night, or super duper scary nightmare O_O
over 9 years
you are now +k'd i love you...