Cop died and we are clueless.
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Quotes for your consideration:

> "The first thing I learned from the EpicMafia Wiki's 'Newbie > Guide' was this: "Don't vote someone entirely based on the fact > that you dislike/know them". So I joined a game with multiple people > having played over 300 games, and decided to test the players of > EpicMafia. > > So without lying, I informed them: "I'm real cop, playerX is guilty, > and the cop that just cc'ed me is the other last mafia = GG Town" and > added "Oh and also, I think you guys are stupid!". What happened? > They NL'ed and then lynched me after, and town lost. Apparently the > "pro's" of EM is not familier with the 'Newbie Guide'"

> "How much people like you or hate you in this game, effects how likely you are to > be healed or not, checked early by cop or not, blocked often or not, > jailed often or not, attempted killed early or not, likely to receive a gun > or not, likely marked by oracle or not, list goes on... Point is; if you play with anyone who don't give away a win > easily, then I will argue that in terms of what effects your win/loss > ratio in this game, the difference in skill and experience at even > medium level players, is nothing compared the social influence the > meta game has, and how much players like/dislike you. If we played > chess, then you could be the worlds biggest asshole and would still > win if you where the best. But in EpicMafia you simply WONT see a > tournament winner that is not ass-licked by the community. Sorry to > say so, but it's true."

> "Contrary to popular belief; when a town is newbie or makes a mistake, doesn't magically make them a mafia worth lynching."

> "I joined a setup that didn't have a Doctor role. I realized I had pretty good stats (≈73% win > rate at that time). So I got shot the first night... Btw later ≈71% win rate didn't work either."

> "In once got lynched by my town team because I 'bubbled slip'..."

> "Hammer correctly two times in a row never gives me kudos. But once admitting I was an idiot did..."

> "I often get reported (like many other controversial player names or > playstyles) by dislikes and suspended by dislikes. The report system > of EM is as corrupt as the Sicilian Mafia."

> "I hate when I'm town and doc wants my team to lose, due to meta..."

> "I saw someone brag about having played 1000+ games without a suicide. > I guess he must have good WiFi, live near the server (or next to the server) and no RL responsibilities to distract > him. Good for him."

>"If I survive night1 in Classic, then I'm obviously Mafia. If I die night1, then I was obviously doctor..."

> "I learned that going AFK after voting, in a long and clueless game is still 'ISP' and a bannable offense. So i said "Ok I will read everything you write, but have decided to not reply for strategical purposes only" and everything was fine!"

>"Sufficient ass-licking in a game, can sometimes convince people to reward you with green leafs you can use instead."

> "I once tried using all the modern words like 'mylo', 'nl' and > something called 'bussing'. For some reason everyone suddenly started > believed whatever I said! So they lost..."

> "I once told a player I was town and he was stupid. Then he lynched me > and lost because I was town and he was stupid."

> "I was in a game where the chat was being flooded so hard that I > couldn't read a line before 2 new lines popped up. Eventually I got > lynched for not participating, and we lost."

> "I realized that being smart and making intelligent decisions doesn't > really effect my Win/Loss ratio as much as I first though. Simply > pretending to be nice to people on the other hand, has a huge impact."

> "When I came back from the grocery store, I saw the ranked game setup that looked fun was still there and needed more players to start. Then I tried to participate, but couldn't because I didn't have any hearts left."

> "I tried reverse psychology once. I told town I was fool and not > mafia, so they lynched me and I won!"

> "So, we lost the cop night1 and doc night2, and we had absolutely no > clue. > So I said sarcastically: "I got an idea! Let's fingerpoint for 10 > minutes, that will help! Anyone who disagree or is lurking must > obviously > be mafia!". They disagreed and didn't like that at all, so they pointed fingers > at > me for 10 minutes, and then lynched me for lurking..."

> "So I was the only inno blue left with the hammer and had to decide between the two remaining lurking players. Due to the complete lack of clues after re-reading, I suggested flipping a coin. We won and I got reported..."

> "I understand people that hate when someone stops playing attention to > the chat after 20minutes of useless smalltalk, clueless fingerpointing > and unconstructive chit-chat! But as a mafia, how else can you fool > them into believing you are town? Luckily most people do listen to > chit-chat!"

> "Someone once asked me how to win as Fool. My response was "Search YouTube for 'How to win as Fool', and when you come back after realizing the video doesn't exist, it doesn't matter because you have already been lynched!"."

> "I got 2 accounts on EpicMafia! The first is to fool around and test > how primitive and emotional people's final decisions actually really > are, and expose their mistakes to themselves. The second is to fool > around and test how primitive and emotional people's final decisions > actually really are, and expose their mistakes to themselves."

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@Loreli I read what you write. I never said there was no skill or psychology in this game (please quote me if I did). The reason I call it cluelesschatgame, is that many games often comes down to one player hammering between two players who have such an easy time pretending to be town, because the game is so fixed and the roles are so boring in this version of mafia. It is common to see 1 inno hammering between 1 blue and 1 mafia, and it's ultra easy for both of them to act town convincingly, they have no reason to act scummy since they had no responsibilities/abilities. It's so clueless that the person judging often asks them to start talking about whatever (even though they have nothing to talk about), just to try to get a read off. This is contrast to other spin-off version of mafia I've played, that requires a lot more choices/strategy/memory/logic/adaptation/etc, on top of mindreading.
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You're mildly correct in the fact that how you treat other players greatly effects how well you do, and that some people tend to rely on this. However, you're completely missing the fact that psychology exists, and is studied, this is a game specifically based on psychology, the idea is to figure out why x did what, or whether x's reaction to y was faked or not. TL;DR No, this is not a clueless chat game, yes, you are correct that bootlicking helps you win sometimes. But that's just an argument of rhetoric. Rhetoric is always a useful tool, especially when the games base is /talking/.
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I read your entire biography. Really good stuff, and gave me a few chuckles. This site is based too much around emotional play. Good to see someone else agrees with me.
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Someone on this site who actually gets it. I'll be darned. Plus k to you!

BTW One time I said nothing all game as fool and got lynched, and then reported for ISP. Lovely game huh?
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+k'ed(: return? <3
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You called that game man. You know, you should be the regular epicmafia philosopher :)
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Interesting phrases ans quotes ^_^
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Hi, your quotes are lovely.
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I'm not angry at you by the way, I'm just explaining it logically because it is reportable for a clear to no lynch on D1 of that setup, and I'm explaining why. It very rarely comes out for a win for town, even if you play to deceive the mafia like you did (which I still don't understand how that happened, if last blue believed any random person was doc and protecting them, he essentially game threw right there for just letting a potential mafia or fool get claims instead of him). Sorry for my walls of text though; Epic Mafia comments do not allow paragraph formatting, so it comes out as a sizable and unappealing block of text to read.
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You don't understand why I didn't shoot pebble because I told you EXACTLY what would happen. Re-read the vig's description. If he is attacked, his shot does not go through. This means that even if the doctor heals him, if he is attacked by mafia then he will not be able to do anything. Review the game and you can indeed see that I shot that night, but as I said, Mafia had a HUGE chance of catching the real vig with a hook or a kill; they get TWO chances in one night to stop vig from shooting. Attacking is not the same as hooking. I claimed hooked because you didn't whisper me I was saved, but once you did I knew I was attacked, but either way my shot did not go through.
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The fact that you even were able to out as lb and hide the real last blue shouldn't have happened in the first place. From the perspective of everyone in town, it's a horrible idea. If I was uncc'd vig I should have been more informed as to what's going on, it's why I asked you if I was uncc'd. Leaving your uncc'd roles in the dark will create confusion like this and hurt the trust. I was under the impression that your cc could possibly have been the real blue and we claimed to fool, because I explained the situation clearly but instead was given an explanation that wasn't beneficial for town at all. You still took a gamble, because if maf WASN'T on me and instead hit someone else in town and hooked me instead, then it would be game over. Either way you look at it, it was a gamble that didn't have to be made. Just because you won the gamble doesn't mean it was a good decision. It was high risk for the same gain.
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Huehue this guy is funny :3
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The reason I got angry with you Pikayumyums, was because I had everything under controls, I got all whispers and whispered commands to everyone to do next night (including you)

But then you started arguing with me over whisper and in town chat, and that chat took AGES!
I had it under control, and my way of solving this also proved correct (since we won and I told town to lynch the correct maf each night + who Fool was.

THE ONLY THING I didn't understand from that game was why you didn't shoot pebble (or whatever his name was). I was doc, I healed you and nobody died. So the only reason would be if mafia didnt shoot OR that mafia attacked you and I healed you.
BUT if thats the case, then why where you also hooked (which you claimed was the reason you didnt shoot the mafia)?

If you refused to do what I told you and shoot pebble (who was correctly mafia), then you failed. If not, then mafia both tried to kill you AND hooked you at the same time which doesnt' make sense to me
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This is the game Pikayumyums refers to:

If you review it, you will find out that I DIDNT lynch between cc's. Instead I suggested a bold NL.

I suggested the cops should check each other and lied to them that those who checked had claimed blue.

I suggested out loud that doc should heal me because I had all the claims, and everyone trusted me because I claimed un'cc last blue, but reality was I was doctor. I was in touch with the real last blue, which I shared all my info with in case I died.

I told out loud that vigi should shoot Fool, but then wispered to Vigi that he should instead kill one a specific blue claimer that one of the cops had wispered me was guilty. (this was to avoid maf shooting the same target as vigi, and thereby kill vigi as well as fool.

Since maf belived me (like most everyone else did) that I was last blue and doc would heal me, that freed me to heal the only vigi (you) and I saved you N2.
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It shouldn't even be considered; especially if you consider the fact that one of the cops outted and the last blue outted. 6 people alive, 2 of them claim last blue, 1 of them claims cop, leaving only 3 roles to pick from that must be vig. If you consider the fact that the mafia members obviously know who each other are, they may very well narrow it down to just 2 people. If that's the case, then they have a 100% chance of hitting the vig with either an attack or a hook.

I'm sorry I made this lengthy, but I felt it needed to be elaborated on.
over 11 years
Just to explain why it's a bad idea to NL on D1:
Your argument was that it's 50/50 chance of being wrong.

However, NL does not take this 50/50 chance away. In fact, it makes it worse. If we lynch between cc'd roles (especially if you know the fool isn't in them) then it gives 50/50 of getting mafia. However, if you hit wrong, you have the slight chance that the vig doesn't get hooked or attacked and can shoot the real mafia, thereby eliminating the 50/50 all together.

However, with a NL this chance is completely thrown away. In fact, you can get reported for gamethrowing if you NL BECAUSE there's such a large chance of it leading directly to a mafia victory. Instead of taking out half of the 50/50 during the day and leaving the other half to the vig at night, you leave the vig with the 50/50 decision at night.

Not only does the vig have a 50% chance of hitting incorrectly, he also has a VERY large chance of being killed or hooked. Therefore, it is extremely unreliable.