Ok first things first I only came on to Epic Mafia to hang out with friends. Now my friends left so I work alone on Epic Mafia. If I piss you off that's because i just got back from work. Some people call me weird. I call them sexy.

almost 12 years
I don't even know you. But i know all those people, who also don't know you.
almost 12 years
I don't know you. Haha. i mean i don't recall it? :)
deletedalmost 12 years
Do I know you hun? :3 I'm sowrry if i don't remember yhu!! > . <
almost 12 years
Yo whats up! Nice to have new friends ^_^ welcome to mafia!
almost 12 years
v also don't know you. Lol
almost 12 years
I dont even recall playing with you to be honest?! :O Sorry I have terrible memory, do I know you? :S