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Hey everyone! It's about that time where I feel my page could really do with a make over, so I'm finally coming across to changing it :P The majority of you guys probably already know me or have played with me before atleast, since I'm on nearly everyday and have been active over the last year or so. But if you don't my names Mori (or Yukana, Yucca, Aki, Akira etc - I am a man with many names :P), I'm a 25 year old dude who loves EM too much to leave, and for some strange reason I'm always mistakened as a girl on this damn site....

The times that I am online vary drastically, so if you want to arrange a game with myself then feel free to drop me a pm or add me on facebook (link will be sent upon request :D).


During my time playing in EM, I have met numerous trolls, gamethrowers or simply cunts who takes pleasure in ruining others games, but over that course I have also had the pleasure to meet some amazing people. This section is dedicated to those individuals who stood out and really holds a place in my heart.

  1. runwithfire - Little words can describe how ridiculously awesome Katie is; she's kind hearted, she's one of the best players I know on EM and also she's always able to brighten up my day. The only negative thing I could say about her is that we don't get to play enough together! Apologies to the rest of the people on this list but she is my bestos! <3
  2. RedDinosaurRawr13 - My little Duckanosaurus who was the first friend I had on EM and also one of the other founding members of 'Happy People'. Despite her hatred towards noavis, she is harmless :P
  3. mantys - A true gentleman with a genuine heart. Like myself; Jura often takes up the responsibility of mentoring new players in Training Lobby. Charismatic, caring and competitive, I am honoured to call him a good friend! Keep up the good work of moderating this wonderful site xD
  4. toughcookies - Someone I greatly looked up to as a role model on EM since my earlier days of learning and playing in Training Lobby. She has a really warm personality which makes her so easy to get along with. Despite being in probably the scummiest EM family there is, my respect and love for this girl will always remain :)
  5. Hubewa - Brother from another mother! He's intelligent, caring and understanding. He also must be the only Australian to have a British accent ^_^ Can be an absolute troll sometimes though :D
  6. radekai - My cute little pet who serves as a good luck charm :) Love playing with this girl, she makes me feel young again! :P
  7. Appleofmyeye - Nicole is a light hearted individual with a bubbly personality that often cheers others around her up. Shes kind, easy going and quite frequently helps others in EM - making her a great friend.
  8. eKatie - One of the true gems of EM, Kitty brought new life to the Happy People family during her stay with us and is now leading one of the top ranked families on the site. As much as I'd like to dislike her for leaving us, I just simply love this girl too much :)
  9. KristyInChains - My feisty lover on EM who cheats on me with every other man out there :O Despite all of that; she is understanding, easy to talk to and quite laid back. To all you rude bastards out there, quit killing her when shes host n1, especially when its a 15+ player match!
  10. ilovebriipod - Jillian is lovely in every possible way; her heart is as pure as it could get, shes really talkative and is caring to not only those close to her but generally everyone in the EM society - making her a prime example as a member of the Happy People family. Her randomness always brings a smile to my face despite my many hardships outside or inside of EM, which I am truly grateful for :)

I'd also like to give a shout out to Lucid for creating the site which provided me with numerous hours of both headaches and enjoyment. As much as I'd bitch at you for all these server issues, truth is without you I would not have been able to meet all these wonderful people so I thank you from the bottom of my heart :) Also mad respect goes to EvilPyro who has maintained the top ranked player for all this time! Apologies to those who did not make the list, but if I were to name all of you this list would literally last forever! So please don't hold it against me, truth is I love you all! <3


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
8 / 10I'm Batman.
7 / 10Gotcha!
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<3 Raven
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Katie 22mon 1d
i miss my yucca! </3
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come back...
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My Skype name is exactly the same, so if you want to talk to me, just add me~
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you're telling me! i'm on skype and fb almost every night haha. you should be the one getting his butt online. lmao
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Raveeeen, where have you been? D;
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i miss my yucca! </3
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Awhhh <333 How have you been, lovely? Coming back anytime soon to play someee games any time soon? :33
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Of course lovely <33 I miss chuu (:
Why are you not to play with me.
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+k'd. You are a very honorable man, sir.
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+k because i said so <3
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mori mori mori. it's been a month. pleeeease write something? xD
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Raven. Raven. Raven. Raven. Raven. Raven. Hai :3
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added :D
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+k'ed to 110 xo-Model
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returned a while ago lol... Dem random negs! <3
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different alts for different purposes
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Rararara ravenss i lub youu <333 how have you been lovely?? (: RAWRRR!!!