Dat Thug Carlton
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I'm Emma.

I like to sit and watch. I talk a lot, and my FoS are usually spot on.

I'm a pro blue-killer-miller-doc-cop. Just ask anybody.

Me during most games:

Me when I want to play Unranked Classic:

~~Mah Peeps (I’m so hip)~~

So Pro It Hurts/2Legit2Quit:

Jahead, DonavanShepard, SenselessProstitute, Apeescaper, WinterIsComing, Kevin


PhantomPride, KonradComrade, Db (He doesn't know, but he's secretly my apprentice)

PROUD MOMENTS: My little apprentice grew up so fast :']

My biggest fans (or so I like to believe):

ANXIETY, Dazeldafreak, LightDiablo, Dbrockuta, ABUSIVETAMPON. (openly my biggest fan), Flaminants (Don’t pretend you aren’t. You can’t fight it.), Lolwot (openly), Zelion, Ledian, Six, Meanstreats, Killercupcakex3, Lelouch (or whatever your name is these days...), Tek, Ryner, LOST5637365583, MackAttack

People I am a fan of:

KonradComrad (He is #1), Jahead sucks. End of., TURQUOISE, The Poptart to my Nyan!, Chance., Zooink <3, Wolfenstein, WinterisComing, Kevin, KIMBER

"Kariban: 10/10, would bang."

As well to Kimber, Steverogers, and Liever <3



Phantom: Wait! But me and Ape killed Emma... and she's still alive... and ape died... and it says ape was cop but he wasn't, he was guise- OHHHHHH nvm. nobody notices her out

Nina: Wait! I'm vig! That one guy that believes her and unvotes

HyoriW: jans bomb then claims it... has 3 ccs and gets lynched

To the many times where kimber, Liever, and I died n1 EVERYTIME.

Mothafucka: You're an innocent nigga once again!

Me to Led, thinking we're cops when we're maf: OK look up mothafucka, ill out report. We're getting all sentimental in this police department <3 Led:...police department?

Ryner: Sorry I had to finger you :/ Me: Erm... what? Ryner: SHUT UP! I meant investigate!

Ryner: Gangfinger the new guy!

PhantomPride: ...circlejerk? Even though mafia will be in the circle jerking with us... Me: I'm not circle jerking with scummy mafia! Tri-jerk in the corner, me, you, db. Leggo.

Wolf: Accept my friend request, you bag of one million sluts.



6 / 20Super Sleuth!
6 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 10Scumhunter
1 / 10I'm Batman.
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
over 5 years
hiya ^^
almost 8 years
Emma. I love you more than DB
almost 8 years
I love you Nyan.

With all of my being.
almost 8 years
about 9 years
NyanMinusThePoptart 24mon 26d

over 9 years
You really, REALLY have to come back. :)
over 9 years
Listen, you're a ***.
over 9 years
Awe I miss you!
over 9 years
It's been forever! Miss the old group. ;-; Nobody probably remembers me.
over 10 years
aint nobody got time for this.
over 10 years
this user still doesn't lift.
deletedover 10 years
almost 11 years
almost 11 years
NYAN. YES I AM. and we might've haha but you still seem to be confused if you're still thinking liffyjoo and jiffyloo are the same person. lmao when you say, "and then you turned out to be...", are you saying that liffyjoo and jiffyloo DID turn out to be the same person or is that just a statement to say you're shocked cause i'm also toughcookies? lmfao to clarify everything once and for all: this is my alt while toughcookies is my main. jiffyloo is my best friend irl and her main is Jeebers. lol
deletedalmost 11 years
i don't like you, we're not friends anymoar.
deletedalmost 11 years
I love you.
almost 11 years
you're gorgeous
almost 11 years
+k'ed. ♥
deletedalmost 11 years
this weekend!
almost 11 years
This user doesn't even lift.