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EMBB9 Trophy Game

almost 6 years

EMBB9: The Ultimate Board Game

Cast Reveal:






Finalist Speeches:

Morgan's Finalist Speech

Zacharae's Finalist Speech

Jury Speeches:

FFSDT's Jury Speech

Borrach's Jury Speech

FDP's Jury Speech

Uprizzle's Jury Speech

POD's Jury Speech

Cjn104's Jury Speech

Memory Wall:

over 5 years
EMBB Series Master Spreadsheet
The EMBB Public Records has now been revamped including voting charts of all the EMBB seasons, along with a Directory to Epicmafia threads, a list of trophiers, Awards given, and Records of players and returneees.
This is (probably) the final thing to be posted in the Announcement Chat this season, so from all the hosts, we wanted to thank everyone for keeping the series alive. This series started in March of 2016 with Season 1 and now has ended Season 9 in October of 2018. To everyone who's hosted, played, or viewed the EMBB series, thank you again!
over 5 years


cjn104 - Zacharae
powerofdeath - Zacharae
Uprizzle - Morgan
FireDragonPrince - Zacharae
Borrach - Morgan
FFSierraDamnThomas - Zacharae


The hosts would like to thank cosmoiswatching for hosting a GREAT roundtable. You were a great guide and help this season, thank you so much.

This jury roundtable has 78 SCREENSHOTS so once you're ready to read all this click this imgur album!
over 5 years
Our seventh award is Fan Favorite, and the top three were FireDragonPrince, FFSierraDamnThomas, and Zacharae. The winner with a majority of the votes is...

With many VLs and his position in the overall game, he was very entertaining and stole the Viewing Lounge's hearts.
over 5 years
The hosts would also like to recognize powerofdeath for his game.
His position crumbled as he had to vote to evict Big Z in hopes of keeping his final 2 (cjn104) safe, and once the eviction did not go according to plan, his only hope was himself or Zacharae winning Head of Household - unfortunately, they did not, and he was nominated by Jackson despite the Weebs Final 3 being in tact. He then fell to an alliance Power of Veto. Watching his game fall was tragic to watch, but was also interesting to see as powerofdeath has rarely played as an underdog.
over 5 years
The hosts would like to recognize cjn104 and Morgan as well.
Had Alissa not quit, cjn104 was in heavy contention of winning the game, and held a lot of relationships that’d enable him to do so. Morgan was also a great strategic player as everyone knows, and he managed to run the endgame of the season to how he saw fit with his only flaw being his relationships with the jury (despite that, he still managed to receive Big Z’s jury vote!) They were very close runner ups for this award and we wanted to recognize their games.
over 5 years
Our sixth award is Player of the Season and the top three were cjn104, FireDragonPrince, and Morgan. All three of these players played great games, but only one can win. The winner is…

FireDragonPrince was able to secure himself in a Weebs alliance and had the players in Double Trouble on his side until Morgan flipped. At one point, the hosts thought him or Borrach were going to win the game as they were remaining untouched by the other houseguests until Zacharae won Head of Household. He was one of the only players to actively search the Game Board which caused him to find a power that kept himself safe in Zacharae’s first Head of Household reign, and was the last player to be nominated this season. He proved himself as a great player and if he was able to win a competition Final 5 and secure his safety, he possibly could’ve won out to the end. Thank you for playing FireDragonPrince!
over 5 years
Now, our fifth award is “Host’s Favorite” and the top three were cjn104, Zacharae, and FireDragonPrince. The winner is…

cjn104 was so much fun to watch. He was in a great position until Alissa walked, which took out cjn104 and powerofdeath in one fell swoop. He had great relationships with the side of “Double Trouble” (Borrach, Morgan, powerofdeath and himself) and the side of the “Gays Only” alliance (Rosematter, sammy, YanmegaMan, Zacharae, and himself with Zaden as a side ally). Alissa’s quit caused Morgan to reconsider his next game move, and he had to take out cjn104 for being a threat. Cjn104 was definitely “robbed”, and the hosts are very grateful to have him on this season.
over 5 years
Our fourth award is “Best Diary Room” and the top three were cjn104, FFSierraDamnThomas, and Zacharae. The winner is…

FFSierraDamnThomas loved talking in his Diary Room. He thought all the time of which move was the best to make, and it ate his entire Diary Room out alive! He would never stop thinking about what to do, and even though he was in school for a large portion of the day, he still managed to entertain us with his captivating thoughts. His moves may have not turned out the best, but he still was very great and fun to watch. Without him this season would be very different!
over 5 years
Our third award is “Best Pre-Juror” and the top three were benfox2, Rosematter, and YanmegaMan. The winner is…

YanmegaMan was great to watch despite his short stay. He was in a very entertaining final 2 alliance with Zacharae, and was one of the only people to play the Week 2 HOH competition, where he and Zacharae were hilarious. Their partnership causing a Double Eviction was one of the greatest moments this season, and it was very unfortunate his game had to come to an end!
over 5 years
Our second award is “Most Underrated” and the top three were FFSierraDamnThomas, powerofdeath, and Morgan. The winner is…
You were massively underestimated throughout the game as you were deemed a non threat to win, despite controlling every eviction from Final 6 to the end. Your game deserves more praise!
over 5 years
Our first award is “Should Sign up to IRL Big Brother” and the top three were cjn104, Uprizzle, and Morgan. The winner is….

You were captivating to watch in your Diary Room as you talked out all your moves and seemed to be socially dominant with the “gay alliance” and the side of Double Trouble all liking you. You would definitely be able to use this social prowess to win Big Brother IRL!
over 5 years
Congratulations ZACHARAE for winning EMBB9 in a 4-2 vote! You entered this game creating solid allies but had to lose a lot of them as you got to Final 7. You then created new allies and managed to secure a perception of yourself that enabled players to keep you around without knowing that they had taken the underdog all the way to the end. Despite being on the bottom of the game for the first half, you managed to finally find your footing in the end of it all. You should be proud of how you played!

Congratulations MORGAN as well for winning the Silver Trophy! You were underestimated a lot throughout this game. For the first half of the season, you didn’t do much, yet were in alliances securing your safety, but that worked to your advantage as you were able to make a lot of the moves the second half of the game. You evicted Big Z who was actively targeting you, secured a swing position in Final 5, and then ensured you wouldn’t be evicted moving into the finale. The only arguable flaw can be taking Zacharae all the way to the end, but despite that, you still strategically dominated.
over 5 years

Zacharae won in a 4-2 vote against Morgan.
over 5 years

Morgan's Finalist Speech
Zacharae's Finalist Speech


FFSDT's Jury Speech
Borrach's Jury Speech
FDP's Jury Speech
Uprizzle's Jury Speech
POD's Jury Speech
Cjn104's Jury Speech

And with that, all the jury speeches have been sent. The finalists have until Tuesday (10/23) at 11 PM EST to respond to all the jury speeches.
Once the finalists have answered all the speeches, the jurors have until Wednesday (10/24) at 11 PM EST to send in their jury vote for who they want to win (you can only vote once. your vote cannot be changed afterwards) along with 2 statements:

1) an ambiguous statement to the finalists not revealing who they voted for
2) a statement that'll be released along with their jury vote when released
Thank you to everyone for sending in their speeches on time and please follow the deadlines provided.
over 5 years
over 5 years
over 5 years
As jury speeches are sent, they will be posted in the Announcement Chat. Jurors have until 11 PM EST tomorrow (10/21) to send their speeches. - FFSierraDamnThomas' Jury Speech

Finalists have until Thursday (10/23) 11 PM EST to respond to all the Jury Speeches.
Jury please note that you will have one vote and will not be allowed to change this vote. You may also not cast your vote until after the speech period has ended.
over 5 years
FINALIST SPEECHES - Zacharae's Finalist Speech - Morgan's Finalist Speech

Jury you now have 24 hours to send in your jury speeches. Please send it in your Diary Room in Google Doc form preferrably. If you cannot do Google Docs, we will c/p your speech and put it on one, but please put it on Google Docs if you can.(edited)
over 5 years
This means our schedule will be:
10/18 - Thursday
F3 Eviction
Finalist Speech 48 Hour Window Begins

10/19 - Friday
Finalist Speech Window

10/20 - Saturday
Finalist Speeches Released at 10 PM EST
Jury Speech Window
Response Window (finalists can start answering speeches as they're posted)

10/21 - Sunday
Jury Speeches Released
Response Window

10/22 - Monday
Response Window

10/23 - Tuesday
Response Window Ends
24 Hour Window to vote begins

10/24 - Wednesday
Votes/statements due
The finale will take place on a day the jurors + finalists can all appear. If not everyone can appear at once, we will prioritize the finalists availability. Jurors, as soon as you can, please send a date where you think you’ll be able to appear for the finale (10/25 Thursday, 10/26 Friday, 10/27 Saturday, 10/28 Sunday) and what time.

Congratulations again on making it to the final 2. One of you will go home with a Gold Trophy and one of you will go home with a Silver Trophy. Take this experience in while you can finalists, and try your best when making your speeches and answering questions. It'll determine your fate!
over 5 years

Congratulations on making it to the final 2. Your fate has now shifted to the jury. Will you be able to sway them to your win? We will see!

You have 48 hours to make a speech (until 10 PM EST on 10/20). Please send us your gmails so we can give you access to jury speech documents/you can edit it.
You can send your speech through text on Discord, but if you want it to be formatted correctly, you can send it through Google Docs and we will make a copy of it so you are unable to edit it once we send it to the jury/the deadline is up.
Once the finalists have sent their speeches, the jurors will have 24 hours (until 10 PM EST on 10/21) to send their jury speech.

The finalists will then have 48 hours to respond to the jury speeches (until 10 PM EST on 10/23). If a juror releases their speech before the response window begins, the finalists can still answer it.
Once the response window ends, the jurors will have 24 hours to vote (until 10 PM EST on 10/24). They will send the following:

1) an ambiguous statement to the finalists not revealing who they voted for
2) a statement that'll be released along with their jury vote when released
3) their jury vote.
over 5 years
WEEK 12 Joker’s Ratings

1. FFSierraDamnThomas (-)
2. Morgan (-)
3. Zacharae (-)
4. Borrach (-)
5. FireDragonPrince (-)
6. Uprizzle (-)
7. powerofdeath (-)
8. cjn104 (-)
9. Rosematter (-)
10. ZadenTheSurfer (-)
11. YanmegaMan (-)
12. Chanman123 (-)
13. sammy (-)
14. GoldAce154 (-)
15. benfox2 (-)
16. jgriffy (-)
over 5 years
WEEK 12 Final Eviction

Morgan: Zach...
Right now, this one opportunity I didn't give to you that's still with me is truly a detour.
It's truly, truly,
a very long, roundabout path.
I used the Head of Household's power...
the "vote to evict"...
the final lesson.
Sensing defeat, after he himself was already beaten, Zach...
At once thought of the decision I was to make.
Because he knew of the decision I had to make.
That was the reason for the final lesson.
The perfect game plan - and I still have one play left.
I use my sole vote to evict FFSierraDamnThomas.
Sorry buddy.

FFSierraDamnThomas, you have been evicted. You are the final juror and will have a say in who wins this game. Thank you for playing. You are leaving with a Bronze trophy.
over 5 years

With a score of 6-3 after 9 questions, Morgan wins Final Head of Household.
over 5 years
Months of scrambling to survive in one of the most twisted seasons of the EMBB series has led to this final moment. This may easily determine whether or not you’ll win this game. Eat or be eaten this round or you’ll face the jury chat in shame.

Welcome to Part 3 of the Final Head of Household competition.

This competition is called Jury Statements. We have asked the jurors 2 questions each about the game. We will send a statement, along with 3 ABC options. You will answer in your Diary Room with A, B, or C.


Yousef: The host I’m most shocked by this season is…
Nat…. she’s been rude!
Matt. No explanation needed!

The correct answer is… A!

The houseguest who correctly identifies the most houseguest’s answers will win Final Head of Household and choose who to evict and who to take with them to Final 2.

Once a Juror’s statement is posted, you will only have 30 seconds to answer. If you answer after the 30 second limit is over, your answer will not count.

In the event of a tie, 5 more statements will be sent. If there is another tie, it will be Jury Statements again (the day after this part is played) but you will only score if you answer first and correctly.

This will be a live competition so please organize a time when you two can both compete. Once a winner has been determined, they will have 15 minutes to decide who to evict so campaign while you can.

Good luck houseguests. This will determine your fate.
over 5 years
There was a difference of only one point in the final results.
With a score of 45 compared to 44....
MORGAN wins Part 2 and will face off against Zacharae in Part 3 of the Final Head of Household competition.