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SirAmelio33mon 14d
SirAmelioMay 11, 2018
Finalists have got their speech's permission revoked. They can no longer answer any questions, and please completely ignore them if they try to contact you at this point.

You, as the Jurors, now have 23 hours (Until May 12th 4pm EST) to submit your vote for who you want to see WIN the season. You must also submit a short speech that doesn't give away who you are voting for.

The finale and reunion will start on May 12th at 5pm EST. It will be over Skype, in a separate group. We will announce the winner, give some "awards" and then give our opinions and answer questions about the game, etc.
SirAmelioMay 12, 2018
Introducing the evicted players to the finale:
SirAmelioMay 12, 2018
itxLuca wins SBBB4 with a 7-0 vote!
SirAmelioMay 12, 2018
SirAmelioMay 12, 2018!
Thank you so much to my fellow hosts, the players of this season, and the people who followed it: Despite it being a season with ups and downs (3 quitters...) it was still an enjoyable season.

What's next??? Well... Next time you go outside at night, just look at the sky!

Not for a while though, expect next season to be sometime in Late July to Early August.
MajesticTerrapinMay 12, 2018


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