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JM123Sep 24, 2019
MonteCarrlo, 2019
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No one cares about your opinions morons. Everyone thinks they are so smart, but in reality they are as dumb as ever, if not dumber. You all think your so educated and knowledgeable because you have the internet and laugh at people in the past because you are so much smarter and morally superior to them. You all are a bunch of losers who would be the exact same as them if you were born in their time. You all are nothing special, you are a bunch of easily manipulated plebs, just like the peasants in the past. You all are modern peasants, and peasants are still as stupid as ever. I can tell the truth of reality to your face and it still won't register into your tiny minds. You know why dictators so easily rise to power? Or how massive scandals can continue on leaving you powerless? It is because you all are dumb as rocks, maybe even dumber than rocks. At least a rock lacks the brain power to think they are smart, meanwhile, you all think you are smart when your brain power is less than that rock. You lazy a$$ plebs cry all day about work or school, then go home and watch the news and whine or scroll through your feed and whine about the news you hear there. Guess what? No one gives a $hit what you think, and nothing you say matters. To the real peoples who's opinion matters, you are just another cog in a massive group of people they lump into a category. They analyze this category and know the right words to say and actions to do in order to make you sad or happy. Aww, look at this happy peasant, he will love me now, I can make love to a skunk and he will defend me. You plebs are so damn stupid, and they know it. Or they can make you mad and send you after people who oppose them (people who's opinion actually matters). Your only power is in a mob, and a mob you are.

JM123Sep 24, 2019
A disgusting mob full of whiners and forever workers who will never be anything because they are too busy complaining about trivial problems in their life. Get a grip and stop your crying, then you can see how the real world operates, and become someone who's opinion actually matters. Or go back to getting mad over what you see on Twitter, all the while continuing to be manipulated by people who evolved from their plebeian mind set. But as I said earlier, I can tell you this and you still are too stupid to realize it. Plebs.