This is Sparta? No it's a goddamn arms race.
San Diego

![enter image description here][]

All my losses deserve to be refunded.


>people don't listen to me

>they don't listen because my pie is bad

>they don't listen to me and make town lose

>blame me for it

>apply 99999999 more iterations

over 5 years
Ryuga is the best!!!
over 5 years
over 5 years
You got banned? I just feel like the family never really got off the ground :(
almost 6 years
Hey Lionel. Work has been kinda busy lately but it should ease up in a few more weeks and then I can relax a bit. I have kept up working out though.. I am lifting light weights but more trying to make it routine and part of my day/week. How are you doing, man?
almost 6 years

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48% town wr, 41% maf, 30% third

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almost 6 years
Hey Lionel (the Spartan), how are you these days?
almost 6 years
I ate my own bodyweight in food today :( I failed
deletedabout 6 years
I'll make one for you If you want.
deletedabout 6 years
holy fuсk you have a terrible pie
about 6 years
I was mmad at u for reporting me but ur pretty cute so its oki now
about 6 years
Here's your 5th +K, also I finished your doodle in my thread
about 6 years
Wow, your body is amazing. #2018goals