• Visits one human every night.
  • That human is probed.
  • Probes count as items.
  • Wins if all living humans are probed.
  • If visited by Paranoid Cop, appears "sided with the Alien".
  • Sided with the third-party.

In popular setups

Fancy 3P played 154 times
Crazy Pants played 105 times
about 7 years
Please make probed targets know they are probed so aliens can actually team up and wins don't come from out of nowhere.
over 7 years
I feel so proud for winning as failien
deletedalmost 8 years
>one HUMAN
tree? technically zombie?
about 8 years
everybody loves a good probing.
almost 9 years
This is so damn hard to win =.=
over 9 years
Alien shows up innocent on cop reports.
almost 11 years
If it targets a leader, it should automatically win.
over 11 years
granny doesn't kill alien...
almost 12 years
Hilarious to have with granny.
almost 12 years When the stars in their courses fight for him, Alien shines in glory with the rare solo win.
about 12 years
trying to win as this role is awful
about 12 years
Excellent, interesting play role if the setup is created well.
over 12 years
Fucking too hard to win with. Just remove it.
over 12 years
Chooses one human at night.

I guess Cth and Werewolf and Tree won't show up on the list then?

Also, wins if all living humans are probed: I hope Zombies don't count :3
over 12 years
i miss alien :o
over 12 years
This needs to be added back!...>_>
over 12 years
>get rid of warlock Are you fucking insane
over 12 years
Requiescat in pace. <3
over 12 years
over 12 years
Rest in peace Alien-kun
over 12 years
over 12 years
I'll scream if this role is deleted and Monk is left untouched.
over 12 years
over 12 years
I love Alien
over 12 years
It's a funny idea, but not actually a good role